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Naturally soothing and softening, Avène Thermal Spring Water is a must for all types of sensitive skin.

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  • Thermal water originates from a naturally mineralized spring and possesses healing virtues that are highly recommended for therapeutic use.
    Its characteristics provide beneficial properties that contribute to the preservation of health and it is recognized as a source of public interest by the French National Academy of Medicine

  • Thermal water has:

    • entrenched origins,
    • defined physical and chemical characteristics,
    • pharmacological effects,

    It is bacteriologically pure from the spring’s initial point.

  • A specific classification exists and is based on mineral content.

    • Water with very low mineral content: less than 50 mg/L
    • Water with low mineral content: from 50 to 500 mg/L
    • Water with average mineral content: from 500 to 1,500 mg/L
    • Water with a high content in mineral salts: more than 1,500 mg/L
    Thermal water can be still or sparkling.

  • Avène Thermal Spring Water is classified in the "water with low mineral content" category (low-mineralized) with a calcium bicarbonate and magnesium profile.
    Amongst its main characteristics: high silicate levels, low sodium levels, a calcium-magnesium ratio of 2 (expressed in mg/L of minerals) and a wide variety of trace elements. 

    • A low mineral content,       
    • A balance between the elements present (especially cations and anions),
    • A high silica content,  
    • A wide variety of trace elements.

    Avène Thermal Spring Water is:

    • Natural water containing no added ingredients.
    • Bacteriologically pure water with intact properties.
    • Drawn directly from the spring and packaged in a sterile environment.
    • Particularly soft water that is adapted to the most sensitive skin.

  • Daily care:

    • After removing make-up to cover skin with a soothing mist.
    • After hair removal to calm tingling.
    • After sporting activities.
    • While travelling.
    • After shaving to calm razor burn.
    • For diaper rash to gently soothe baby’s fragile skin.

    Dermatological care:

    • After surgery to increase the skin’s comfort.
    • For facial redness to reduce the “burning” sensation.
    • On damaged skin to improve healing.
    • On irritated skin to relieve discomfort.
    • On a sunburn to calm “overheated” skin.

  • Avène Thermal Spring Water has soothing and softening properties proven by numerous studies. The results have been published in the international scientific press.
    Avène Thermal Spring Water instantly soothes the skin.
    Beneficial for everyone, it is essential for irritations.


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