Hydrating skin tone perfector

Why choose between…

Hydrated skin
Free radicals protection
Healthy, glowing skin

When you can have it all?
What causes skin to lose its luster
Wind, extreme temperatures, sun exposure, pollution, air conditioning,
overly harsh cleansing products, etc.
When skin is dehydrated:
It feels uncomfortable, rough, and tight in some places.
It becomes dull and loses its radiance and freshness.
Find out more
about dehydration
Triple the expertise in a single product
1. Long-lasting hydration
  • Avène Thermal Spring Water
  • Meiboserin
    For a restructured, well-hydrated stratum corneum
  • Lipomucine
2. Effective protection
  • Anti-free radical shieldPre-tocopheryl
3. Naturally enhanced beauty
  • Bluring effectCombination of soft-focus, mattifying and smoothing agents that fill in fine lines, smooth out uneven skin tone, and better diffuse light.
  • 1 radiant glow shade
  • Anti-dullness actionMauve and copper-colored reflective nacres to counteract dull skin tone.
Long-lasting hydration: 86% of subjects (1)
Skin is
more comfortable (1)
Skin is
more refreshed (1)
A more radiant complexion (2)
A more even complexion (2)
Decreased redness (2)
(1) Self-assessments after 21 days of applying the RICH texture • 68 subjects.
(2) Scores according to a panel of experts using analog scales • 13 subjects • RICH texture.
adapted to all skin types
Hydrating skin tone perfector
Skin care that is perfectly adapted to your skin
  • A LIGHT, fine and
    mattifying texture, for normal to combination skin.
  • A RICH, soft and
    creamy texture, for dry to very dry skin.
  • A radiant glow shade adapted to almost every skin tone.
Your ultimate skin care
Every day, all year round
  • For preserving that sun-kissed glow after summer vacation.
  • For light make-up all year round.
  • 3. For daytime touchups
    when skin is feeling tight or to
    freshen up for a lunch date.
Hydrating skin tone perfector
  • Hydrate
  • Protect
  • Enhance
Healthy glow effect
Your personalized skin care routine
Every day
Cleanse and remove make-up according to your skin type
For combination skin
Cleansing foam
For all skin types
Micellar lotion
For dry skin
Gentle milk cleanser
+ Gentle toner
Every day
Hydrate and soothe your skin
Soothe your eye contour
Soothing skin care
for the eye contour
For all sensitive
skin types
Hydrating serum
For sensitive and normal
to combination skin types
LIGHT Hydrating cream
For dry,
sensitive skin
RICH Hydrating cream
1 to 2 times/week
Reveal your
radiant skin tone
Gentle purifying scrub
In case of sunburn
or diffuse redness
Soothing moisture mask
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