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The stages of aging skin

Preventing and slowing the effects of aging on our skin is a preoccupation many of us share.

Preventing and slowing the effects of aging on our skin is a preoccupation many of us share. Skin aging is a natural phenomenon just like organ and body aging. Even if our skin doesn’t age at the same rate as someone else’s, skin aging is inevitable.


As they age, cells naturally reproduce more slowly and produce less collagen and elastin. So inevitably, skin becomes thinner, losing elasticity and luminosity, and wrinkles deepen.


Unfortunately, depending on your lifestyle, skin aging can be accentuated by the sun, pollution, tobacco and alcohol. So, contrary to popular belief, an anti-aging care must be chosen according to the age of the skin rather than to the age of the person. To help you select the most appropriate care, here is a brief explanation on skin evolution according to its age.


The first signs of skin aging appear around 25 years old. The skin is thinner, less elastic and the first lines and wrinkles appear. Nasolabial folds (from the nose to the corner of your lips) begin to appear.


Around 45, the skin becomes thinner and less radiant. The cheekbones are a little less plump and the temples tend to deepen. Skin loses its firmness. Facial contours become a little more vague, and expression wrinkles become more apparent. Forehead wrinkles are deeper and crow’s feet become visible near the outer corner of the eye.


Skin aging accelerates around 65. The face loses density and plumpness, spots appear more frequently, wrinkles start to show around the mouth, skin gets thinner and loses its firmness, and the face oval is less harmonious.


Although the signs of aging are inevitable, it is nevertheless possible to slow down the aging process by adopting certain preventive measures. It is recommended to protect your skin from the sun, avoid smoking, clean your face in the morning and in the evening, favor a balanced, healthy diet, and be physically active.


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