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02/05/2019 - Features

Mineral sun protection 101 : Everything you need to know 


What is a mineral sun protection ?

It’s a sun protection containing a free of chemicals, 100% mineral screen photoprotector complex. Naturally occurring, mineral screens consist of an assembly of microparticles, often zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, that stay on the surface of the skin to create a reflecting barrier to protect the skin from UV rays by acting like a mirror. 

Benefits of mineral screen

What does “broad-spectrum” mean ?
There are two types of UV rays that are harmful to the skin and can cause skin cancer: UVA and UVB. A broad-spectrum sun protection protects from both.
- UVA rays can cause premature skin aging, making someone appear older than they are
- UVB rays can burn the skin

When and where should you use a mineral sun protection?

The answer is simple and can be summarized in two words: Always and everywhere !

The strongest UVB rays are especially harmful between 10am and 4pm. UVA rays are not as strong but are present at any time of day. It is therefore very important to be continuously protected.

Whether you are at the beach, in the city, in the mountains, etc. Sun and its UVA-UVB rays are everywhere.
Advice: apply a higher SPF index to the most exposed areas such as the face, nose, and ears than on the rest of the body.

Why should we always protect our skin ?

Because it is important to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, the Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène are launching a new generation of mineral sun protection!
The new Mineral Fluid protects against external aggressions (sun exposure, pollution, blue light) that are harmful to the skin, cause premature skin aging and skin dehydration.
This smart skin care, practical and easy to apply, will protect your sensitive skin all while perfectly fitting in your daily beauty routine.

The new Mineral Fluid, available in pocket-size, is the ideal companion for urban women who are looking to add a maximized sun protection to their daily routine. Choose the tinted version for a healthy glow effect, or the regular version for a mattifying effect leaving no white cast. It’s your turn to choose!




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