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14/01/2021 - Product Focus


Your skin is demanding, which pushes you to act the same way with the care you apply to it.
Like your skin, you want only the essentials: skincare that moisturizes, comforts and restores the skin barrier.
No more compromises, neither on the safety of the product during its entire period of use, nor on unnecessary ingredients that continue to irritate your skin. 
With Sterile Cosmetics, + becomes -.
Cosmetics are said to be "sterile" when they meet several conditions: a formula that is itself sterile, of course, but also manipulated in a sterile block and packaged in a completely airtight container to preserve the formula on the long term.

To provide a high-security solution for the most fragile and sensitive skin, Pierre Fabre Laboratories have developed and patented a unique packaging on the market which guarantees the sterility of the formula from the first to the last day of use.
This innovation helps to soothe all skin types, whether they are hypersensitive, irritated, weakened, atopic or intolerant. Because these issues also affect children, and soothing must be a daily gesture within everyone's reach, we have developed a sterile cosmetics product in a pump bottle; a size perfectly suited to small hands looking for autonomy.
Thanks to the completely airtight container, the skincare is protected from the air and therefore protected from any source of contamination. The formula remains the same day after day, month after month, and we can even say it: year after year! Because yes, this is one of the many advantages of sterile cosmetics, there is no expiration date.

By expelling the air, this innovative packaging also allows us to eliminate preservatives and other derivatives. The formulas are purer and above all guaranteed 0% preservative: there are only the essentials to soothe your sensitive or irritated skin, nothing else. Take full advantage of your Avène care, effective until the last drop.
This high safety technology -unique to Avène- is intended for the most sensitive skin types. You can therefore find sterile cosmetic products in two of our ranges:

- The Tolerance Extrême range: the ideal routine for the most sensitive skin types. The Cleansing Lotion gently removes make-up, then the Cream (rich version) or Emulsion (lighter version) moisturizes and soothes immediately. The Mask provides the same benefits in a more intense and prolonged way.
- The XeraCalm A.D skincare line: the best remedy for itching and atopic eczema on the face and body. It is made up of three soothing treatments: the Soothing Concentrate, the Lipid-Replenishing Cream and the Lipid-Replenishing Balm.

These different ranges are distinguished by their high tolerance but also by a small cosmetic sterile logo on the packaging for better identification. It is the assurance of purity and a guarantee of high safety. We are very proud of this unique innovation on the market. It allows us to enhance our precious assets in order to be the partner of your skin on a daily basis, when it needs it the most.

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