Use gentle skin care products

Do I need to change my daily skin care routine?

While you are undergoing cancer treatment, your skin is particularly sensitive. Apply gentle, appropriate skin care products to avoid exacerbating the side effects on your skin.

Because my skin is more sensitive, I’ve stopped using a wash mitt altogether. I always clean my skin with my hands and make sure I moisturize after my shower. As often as I can, I usa the Thermal Spring Water to rinse my face and calm hot flashes.

Our advice

Gentle cleansing

  • Use soap-free gels, oils or dermatological cleansing bars:
    - that are in line with the skin’s pH
    - that are rich in emollients
  • The water you use for washing should be at a temperature of between 32°C and 34°C.
  • Use gentle soap, clean hands to wash yourself.
  • Dry your skin by dabbing gently, especially in sensitive areas, to avoid provoking a reaction.
  • Apply a suitable emollient after showering.

Did you know?

  • Soap - in both liquid and solid form - dries out your skin and causes irritation.
  • Wash mitts, sponges and loofahs can all irritate sensitive skin, as can the cotton pads you use for make-up removal.
  • Overly hot water dries the skin and reactivates skin problems.
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