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When a lovely little elephant
explains "zema", it's just adorable!

L'atopie en détails

21 anti-scratching stories

Discover with your child the adventures of Pikédoo and his "zema". Every day, listen to a new story to make the application of the cream a truly soothing moment of sharing for your child, and for you too.

How does it work?

It's so easy

Your child can listen to and follow the audio story of Pikédoo, a little character that also has atopic skin. Each story will tell him more about what atopy is, how to manage and tame it.


In practical terms

You have access to all the 21 episodes and you can listen them, day after day, to discover the story of Pikédoo.
If you wish, you will also be able to download all of the 21 stories.


Extract from the first anti-scratching story

21 days of good habits

Every day, the endearing stories of Pikédoo’s adventure will keep you company during cream time. And for these 21 days, your child will learn good habits in a fun and enjoyable way!


Tips to
provide you with support

As you progress through the stories, you will also gain a better understanding of your child's skin problems, by discovering some handy tips, and you will find yourself adopting good habits on a daily basis without even thinking about it.


Together we can succeed

The audio format of these stories will help you create a soothing bubble, supporting you in those moments when your hands are full of cream! There are no pages to turn: the voice allows you to freely apply the emollient cream, while stimulating your child's imagination.

Famille pikedoo


Applying an emollient every day is one of the keys to successfully treating your child's dry, atopy-prone skin and to soothe their itching sensations, over time.

This is a time for soft, soothing care and for bonding with mom or dad. But it is also a time of the day that can become a burden since it is often hard to get a small child to hold still even for a few minutes! This can mean that the cream is applied less often, or not at all.

This is why Eau Thermale Avène is offering this support and advice service to help you apply cream properly and to make this a natural daily habit, just like getting dressed or brushing your teeth.

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