My child
has atopy

L'atopie en détails


Because my child scratches a lot at school, I suggested scratching the soft side of some velcro that I attached to the inside of her school bag, to try and break the habit.


We no longer use a washcloth to clean Sacha. We just wash him with our hands, which is softer and cleaner too.


To stop my son from damaging his skin when he scratches, I make him wear very soft mittens at night, and in the day, I give him a squishy toy to keep his hands busy.

L'atopie en détails

My child has eczema, how can I help?

Follow Théo's diary, throughout the 5 key stages of his experience.


My skin is itchy and sometimes it stings. I have the same skin as my mom. Elio and François don't have itchy skin. Last night, I wore mittens and my dad told me that we were going to get rid of my eczema.

"When I see him itching, I really want to help him and soothe him. We decided that we would beat this thing together. Yesterday evening, we started using XeraCalm, and we're going to apply it for three weeks."
Cécile, Théo's mom


For so many days now, mom has been asking me to put on cream every evening. She says it's just like brushing your teeth.

"We've started setting aside some time each evening to apply the cream. The aim is to stick with it, and we've found a game that he really likes: we dress him up him like a tiger or a ladybird before spreading the cream. And when we put him to bed, we tell him a story about this animal, he really enjoys that."
Cécile, Théo's mom


This morning, I was so happy to go and wake up mom and dad and tell them that my skin had stopped itching. They were happy too. Mom said that we must continue to put the cream on every day and then I'll feel even better.

"Hearing my son burst out laughing because his brother is tickling him and knowing that they don't have to stop because of the pain, feels like such a triumph. And he has been sleeping well the last two nights! A very, very nice surprise!"
Éric, Théo's father.


My leg hurts less. It's not as red as before. Mom said that it could come back. So every night, I brush my teeth, wash my hands and then put on the cream. And maybe it will come back but hopefully not for a while.

"We can see that there's been a change. A change in his skin, but also in his mind. He is more accepting of the situation and answers his classmates proudly. It makes everything simpler, including the sessions applying the cream, and its easier to stick with it! :) "
Cécile, Théo's mom


Elio came over to play. And I was able to play outside. My skin doesn't itch anymore. And it's not as red as before. All fixed. I can pretty much do anything that I want.

"We've established a routine and we've turned a chore into a time for bonding. OK, it's not exactly what you could call an enjoyable time, but he has taken responsibility for his skin, and more importantly, it's him that asks for the cream. I think it shows real maturity."
Éric, Théo's father.

Day 1
And we're off!

Day 5
Still having fun

Day 10
I feel better

Day 15
We're sticking with it

Day 21
My skin

21 stories to help you understand and control eczema

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