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Hydrance INTENSE

Gamme Hydrance INTENSE

Mimics the hydrating protective lacrimal film. Hydrance Intense brings intense and long-lasting hydration.

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  • Dehydrated skin is dull and lackluster. It is rough to the touch and streaked with dehydration lines. It is weak and lacks suppleness.

  • Two causes :
    - - Lack in water with less than 10% water in the upper skin layer (stratum corneum).
    - - Alteration of the barrier function

  • Aside from skin disorders, two types of factors are responsible for dry skin:
    • External factors :
    - Climatic: Wind, cold, too much sun, lack of moisture in the air (air conditioner, heat)
    - Chemical: Harsh cleansers, topical medical treatments, ill-suited cosmetics
    - Mechanical: Shaving and hair removal.

    • Internal factors :
    - Physiological: Skin aging
    - Pathological: Skin diseases that alter the skin barrier functio

  • Yes, although it is not the only issue: You cannot rehydrate the skin’s superficial layer by just drinking water or wetting the skin. Lipids (fats) are also necessary for the moisture to stick.

  • Yes, it is one of the causes of dry skin. Sun exposure is an aggression (burn). The skin reacts by making pigments (the tan) and getting thicker. The dryness is transitory, caused by an increase in water loss.

  • Yes. Certain waters have a high level of limestone: They are called “hard” waters. They can worsen the drying effect of cleansers. One can either soften the water by using specific devices or use ultra-rich products.

  • The goal is to nourish and moisturize the skin while reducing aggressions and irritations. For cleansing, avoid soaps, use bars or ultra-rich gels instead, enriched in protecting and moisturizing ingredients. For moisturizing, emollients moisturize and nourish the skin while ensuring a good cohesion of the epidermis, necessary for the proper functioning of the protective skin barrier. It is important to use emollients often, ideally on a daily basis.

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