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Gamme Redness-relief

Formulated to prevent and reduce facial redness, these products are indicated for temporary and/or diffuse redness.

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  • The fragility of vasoreactive skin requires adapted skin care products.
    Use gentle, specific products from the Redness Relief range which can be applied with the fingers.  
    For skin care, it is advisable to use specific dermo-cosmetic creams.
    - Creams made for redness-prone skin  are available, with precisely selected actives with textures adapted to different types of skin.
    - Your day cream should be adapted to the seasons: a rich texture should be used in cold temperatures and a light texture should be used in the summer.

    In the morning, soothe and protect skin from climatic aggressions and from the sun.  
    In case of stubborn redness, apply a concentrated skin care product in the morning or in the evening to improve microcirculation and to aid in decongestion.
    If you experience warming sensations, use a soothing, repairing mask.
    For more advanced stages of skin redness, you should see your doctor

  • To benefit from its soothing and congestion-relieving action, it is advisable to spray a little Avène Thermal Spring Water onto the face before applying creams.

  • You should systematically use sun creams with high SPF.
    The Avène Sun Care range is perfectly adapted to your needs:
    • Avène Sun Care 50+ is especially adapted for you: Face creams (with or without fragrance, invisible or tinted) or the Emulsion (with or without fragrance) if you have combination or oily skin. Similarly, the Stick for sensitive areas is available, and don’t leave home without Réflexe Solaire.
    • In the case of permanent redness, use Avène Mineral Sun Care 50 (fragrance-free, without chemical filters), adapted to intolerant and damaged skin: Tinted compact (2 shades) and Cream for sensitive areas.

  • Complexion correcting products are available which, thanks to their texture that provides better coverage, conceal redness while providing a natural look. If necessary, you can apply a green colored product before applying corrective make-up, to neutralize redness.

    The range of Couvrance Complexion Correctors, a pioneer in medical make-up, offers all the solutions you need:
    ● If redness is light to moderate:
    Apply the green Concealer stick to small areas on the skin then blend with your finger.
    Then even out using the SPF 15 Fluid Foundation Corrector. Its coverage will ensure a perfect skin tone that is matte and even.
    ● If redness is severe:
    Apply the green Concealer stick to small areas on the skin then blend with your finger.
    Even out using SPF 30 Compact Foundation Cream, which is preservative-free and fragrance-free with a long product life. The Compact Foundation Cream can be used following laser treatment.

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