A-OXitive EYES Smoothing Eye Contour Cream

Brightens - Refreshes - Revitalizes

Smoothing and radiance activating, this eye contour treatment leaves eyes visibly fresher and more radiant once you wake up.

Smoothing and radiance activator.

Detoxifying, smoothing, brightening

Usable by Adults

Skin type All skin types

Need Anti-wrinkle

Made in France

Environmental impact



Made in a factory certified for the environment***

***according to ISO 14001 standard or ECOVADIS

Societal impact


Product manufactured in a factory meeting French social standards

By purchasing this product, you are helping to support our environmental and societal commitments:

* Dermatologists, through the EuroMelanoma association created by European dermatologists to promote and share information on skin cancer prevention.

* P ...atients, with Tout le Monde contre le Cancer (United Against Cancer) and Ichtyose France Association.

*Alongside local authorities and stakeholders with APIA: Association for the Preservation of the Impluvium of the Waters of Avène, which encourages and coordinates all voluntary local initiatives to promote sustainable forest management, responsible farming of natural resources and the preservation of local natural heritage.

*Alongside PUR PROJET, a social business dedicated to restoring marine ecosystems in Indonesia. Our commitments


Protect and reveal your skin’s radiance, day after day.


Frequency of use

Once a day

Tips for use

In the evening, dispense 1 pea-sized amount of A-OXitive Eye Contour Cream onto the tips of your ring finger and dot around the eyes. Smooth along the eyebrow and gently tap onto the lower eyelid.

In the evening, spread 1 pea-sized amount of A-Oxitive Eye Contour Cream onto the tip of your ring finger and dot around the eyes. Smooth the eyebrow and gently tap onto the lower eyelid.


A complete day and night routine for optimal effectiveness.

• Boosts radiance (+57%)¹
• Reduces signs of fatigue (-30%)¹
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles (-27%)¹

¹Clinical scoring study by scale - 42 subjects - 1 daily application of the Eye Contour Cream in the evening for 28 days.

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Your ProVitamin ritual to helps fight oxidative stress and prevent signs of ageing.


SKINCARE ROUTINE A-OXitive EYES Smoothing Eye Contour Cream
Gentle Eye Makeup Remover


SKINCARE ROUTINE A-OXitive EYES Smoothing Eye Contour Cream
Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray


SKINCARE ROUTINE A-OXitive EYES Smoothing Eye Contour Cream
A-OXitive SERUM Energizing plumping Serum


SKINCARE ROUTINE A-OXitive EYES Smoothing Eye Contour Cream
A-OXitive EYES Smoothing Eye Contour Cream
Your reviews on  A-OXitive EYES Smoothing Eye Contour Cream

Your reviews on A-OXitive EYES Smoothing Eye Contour Cream

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parfait pour la nuit

Ce produit est rafraîchissant pour les yeux et n'a aucunes réactions sur la peau sensible et réactive/eczema. Laisse une sensation de chaleur après quelques minutes qui est apaisante. Parfaite pour la routine du soir.

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perfect for night

This product is refreshing on the eyes and has nos reactions on sensitive and reactive/eczema skin. Leaves a sensation of warmth after a fiew minutes that is soothing. Perfect during your night routine.

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Hydrate et donne un regard frais et réveillé

J'adore cette crème légère, donne beaucoup d'éclat au contour des yeux

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Hydrates and gives a fresh look

Love the texture, the cream is light and absorbs fast. Perfect to put under you make up for a fresh look

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Love it

Works great but not moisturizing enough for my skin.

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A unique cocktail of active ingredients to help fight oxidative stress and restore radiance.

ProVitamin E


A patented Pierre Fabre Dermocosmetics active ingredient. A stable form of Vitamin E. Combats oxidative stress by preventing the formation of free radicals and DNA oxidation.



Direct precursor of retinoic acid, leading dermatological active ingredient. Reduces the appearance of residual marks and decreases their intensity by reducing hyperpigmentation and inducing the production of collagen and elastin.


Any concerns or questions? Our experts are here for you.

Retinaldehyde, the benchmark anti-ageing active ingredient with clinically proven anti-wrinkle effectiveness, is photo-unstable, i.e. it degrades upon contact with UV light and thus partially loses its effectiveness. It is therefore preferable to use it in the evening for optimal action. In the morning, we recommend the Refreshing Eye Contour Care for a bright and rested eye area.

In order to know which eye contour treatment is right for you, you need to know what type of wrinkles you have. You should use A-OXitive if these are your first wrinkles and you notice a loss of brightness. You should choose PhysioLift if you have set-in wrinkles and if you also want a treatment to combat dark circles and puffiness.

We recommend starting with the eye contour treatment. The classic routine is as follows:

1. serum
2. eye contour care
3. skin care

love salmon-2x


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