Skincare for hypersensitive skin

Skincare for hypersensitive skin

Hypersensitive skin, fragile skin, skin allergies. Your skin reacts strongly when it really shouldn’t. Find comfort and relief thanks to treatments dedicated to hypersensitive skin.

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Recognising hypersensitive skin

Subject to particular aggressors, the skin on your face becomes uncomfortable, tingling or even tight? Does your face get hot and red? These symptoms are the .  

In addition to these recognisable symptoms, all hypersensitive skin can react differently.

Some people can also show signs of dry skin or very dry skin. Others experience a burning sensation on the skin. Others experience allergic reactions or eczema.

However, not all signs of hypersensitive skin are visible, which is why consulting a dermatologist can help you to identify your skin type more reliably.

Why does my face flush?

Hypersensitive skin on the face has a naturally weakened skin barrier and a lower tolerance threshold.

As a result, it is particularly vulnerable, especially when exposed to environmental or hormonal factors and contact with chemicals, fragrances and detergents.

Climatic conditions (extreme or changing temperatures, wind, sun exposure) as well as air quality, especially in urban areas, have been identified as potential explanations for hypersensitive skin on the face.

Certain products also affect the health of the skin: aggressive or overly perfumed cosmetics, hard water, hot water from baths and showers, chlorine from swimming pools. More and more skin is developing when in contact with these factors.

However, stress also plays an increasingly important role in skin problems. It becomes a potential trigger for hypersensitive skin, as do hormonal variations during the menstrual cycle.

More simply, some hypersensitive skin reacts to rubbing, repeated and heavy pressure. Thin skin becomes even more fragile.

Hypersensitive skin: what should you do?

The first step in alleviating your skin hypersensitivity will be to identify what is causing your skin problems. Take the time to observe what triggers tightness and redness and then work to limit contact with these factors.

Secondly, we suggest that you adopt a facial care routine adapted to hypersensitive skin. As you implement it, make sure you test each skincare product one by one to check that your skin tolerates its composition.

Eau Thermale Avène has developed the Tolérance Control range. Benefitting from Sterile Cosmetics, the Cream and Balm immediately calm and durably control skin hyper-reactivity.

To start your skincare routine, there’s a gentle face cleanser that respects hypersensitive skin. The Tolérance Gel Cleanser Lotion has a very soft texture that gently cleanses and removes makeup. It respects the skin barrier and prevents tightness and discomfort and redness. It is unscented and does not require rinsing, so your skin doesn’t have to come into contact with tap water. Tap water can contain hard water that’s harsh on the fragile skin of your face. This makes Tolérance Gel Cleaner Lotion the ideal cleanser for hypersensitive and dry faces.

After, the Thermal Spring Water Spray will be your ally for guaranteed relief! Discover some soothing steps.

Another essential daily step is moisturising with a minimalist face cream.

If, in addition to its hypersensitivity, your skin requires intense hydration, the Tolérance Extrême Mask, composed of only seven ingredients, will provide this in just a few moments. Weekly application, or more if necessary, will quickly rehydrate and even compensate for dry skin.

Finally, if couperose or rosacea are your main concern, discover our specific Antirougeurs range.

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