Responsible development and production, a continuous improvement approach
For nature

For nature

Responsible development and production, a continuous improvement approach

Reducing the environmental impact of our formulas and packaging is part of a continuous improvement process. We ensure that we act from the design stage and throughout the life cycle of our products, from the choice of ingredients to production, with the priority of providing you with effective, safe products with guaranteed quality.

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From the source to your skin

Local production connected to the Avène thermal spring, 90% of our rinse-off formulas are biodegradable1, eco-design of sun care formulas, 93% of our packaging is recyclable: we act at all stages of the product life cycle, from the source to your skin, to reduce our environmental footprint.
Supporting evidence

1- excluding specific products and OECD 301B test

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Avène-les-Bains production plant

The production plant in Avène, France, manufactures, packages and carries out checks on the brand's products. Avène Thermal Spring Water is drawn directly from the source and transported to the production plant, where it retains all of its properties, kept intact for anyone that uses Avène Thermal Spring Water products. The production plant is equipped with high-tech equipment and efficient quality management systems. The plant has numerous certifications including ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management.


Recycling our products and saving water in your bathroom: our tips!

What’s sorted properly can be recycled! Sorting waste has many uses. In particular, it helps to preserve natural resources, limit greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.
Saving water without missing out on a pamper session in your bathroom is also possible!

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