The essentials for restoreing the sensitive, irritated skin of the whole family.


The essentials for restoreing the sensitive, irritated skin of the whole family.

Irritation, itching, redness, scars... these superficial attacks on skin are part of everyday life and often a source of discomfort.

Based on a unique and innovative combination of active ingredients derived from Avène Thermal Spring Water, the Cicalfate+ range has been developed to soothe and promote the restore of sensitive skin. For every irritated skin type, there is a Cicalfate+ solution.



The multi-use cream for all irritated skin

  • Immediately soothes and restores the epidermis after 48 hours(1)
  • Protective texture with a dressing effect on the irritated area.

An iconic cream for restoreing, purifying and soothing the everyday irritations and sores of the whole family.

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A special spray for moist areas

  • Dries, restores and purifies irritated skin prone to maceration(2)
  • Practical and hygienic format: targets irritation without touching it.

A spray to dry and soothe irritation in moist areas. Ideal for infants, children and adults. Its little bonus? It doesn’t sting or stain your clothes.

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Scar expertise

  • Reshapes the scar and soothes the skin.
  • Hydrating, pro-massage texture.

The solution to improve the appearance of re-epidermised scars on the face and body. Combined with the right massage, your marks fade after 3 weeks (3). Your skin is more softer and more supple.

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I am looking for a Cicalfate product to:


restores, sanitises, soothes

  • [C+-Restore]TM


    1er actif réparateur postbiotique, favorise la réparation de l'épiderme.

  • Complexe Cuivre-Zinc

    Complexe Cuivre-Zinc

    Assainit et limite le risque de prolifération bactérienne.


  • Avène Thermal Spring Water

    Avène Thermal Spring Water

    Provides all its soothing and anti-irritating properties.

Take care of your microbiome. It’s valuable for your health and that of your skin.

The essential role of these naturally occurring bacteria inside our bodies and on the surface of our skin has been brought to light by science.

Researchers at Avène Dermatological Laboratories used these findings to understand how bacteria (good bacteria!) could positively influence skin restore.

This research brought to life the specific formulation of Cicalfate+. It incorporates the first post-biotic restoreing active ingredient – [C+-Restore]TM – which is extracted from a unique bacterium found in Avène thermal spring water: Aqua Dolomiae.

It stimulates and accelerates the natural skin restore process.


To restore⁴ your skin


restores 4x faster, even complex wounds⁵


product prescribed by dermatologists⁶


Immediate soothing after 1st use⁴

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For every irritated skin type, there is a Cicalfate+ solution

Cicalfate+ Absorbing Soothing Spray

Cicalfate+ Absorbing Soothing Spray

Restores, dries, purifies

Cicalfate LIPS Restorative Cream

Cicalfate LIPS Restorative Cream

Nourishes, protects, restores

Cicalfate HAND Restorative Barrier Cream

Cicalfate HAND Restorative Barrier Cream

Hydrates, protects, restores

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Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream

Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream

Soothes, restores, purifies

Cicalfate+ Scar Gel

Cicalfate+ Scar Gel

Soothes, reduces scars


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The Cicalfate+ range (Cream, Spray and Gel) offers a wide range of restoreing care products for all sensitive and irritated skin: scratches, minor injuries, superficial burns, post-dermatological procedures, nappy rash...
The products in the Cicalfate+ range promote skin restore, dry out moist areas, improve the appearance of scars and immediately soothe.
With its proven effectiveness, Cicalfate+ is the number one restoreing range prescribed in Europe.

Cicalfate+ can be used for baby care, for example:
• Cicalfate+ Cream is recommended to soothe baby's bottom and promote restore in case of nappy rash.
• Cicalfate+ Spray is recommended to soothe and dry out skin rashes (chickenpox).

Cicalfate+ Cream can be applied to the skin as well as to the external intimate areas: the vulva, labia, anus.
Cicalfate+ Cream can be prescribed in particular to soothe and promote skin restore in the event of superficial burns/intimate irritations.

We recommend the use of Cleanance Comedomed to treat acne-prone and oily skin.
Cicalfate+ Cream can be used to prevent the appearance of dark marks left behind by acne. Remember to apply it to after scratching or picking at a pimple.

All about scarring

All about scarring

The essentials for a nicely healed scar. Our dermatologist experts explain the process of scarring and the right steps to take.

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(1) Single-centre, open-label clinical study conducted under dermatological and paediatric control. 51 subjects (infants, children, adults), 2 applications per day for 21 days. (2) irritated skin prone to superficial maceration. (3) Single-centre, open-label clinical study conducted under dermatological and ophthalmological control. Clinical scoring based on the POSAS scale. 50 subjects, 2 applications per day for 3 weeks. (4) Single-centre, open-label clinical study conducted under dermatological and paediatric control. 51 subjects (infants, children, adults), 2 applications per day for 21 days. (5) Study of re-epithelialisation following a lesion in an ex-vivo model of complex wounds, 6 days after application of Cicalfate+ vs. untreated. (6) IQVIA Xponent PharmaOne - Market for dermocosmetic products prescribed by doctors in pharmacies in France - 2019 - in volume.