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Your skin during cancer



More than 200,000

new cases of cancer each year in Canada 1Canadian Cancer Statistics

More than 9 out of 10 patients

treated for breast cancer will experience dermatological side effects²

Yet 1 in 3 patients

do not feel sufficiently informed about possible symptoms

1.Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le Cancer [French Foundation for Cancer Research]

2. Study: “Prevalence of dermatological complaints in patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer” – Brazilian Society of Dermatology

3. French National Cancer Institute

For many years now, cancer treatments have become more effective, offering patients new perspectives in terms of prognosis, disease progression and quality of life. However, these therapeutic innovations are often accompanied by side effects. 

Dryness, irritation, itching... Some cancer treatments are associated with a wide range of cutaneous side effects affecting the skin, hair and nails. Each effect considerably depends on the type of therapy used. 
These problems can be a source of discomfort and significantly alter the quality of life, both physically and psychologically. 
Are you at a loss when it comes to this situation? Many easy-to-use dermo-cosmetic solutions are available today to help you manage these skin problems. 

Our commitment is to help you reduce and alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments, to support you in rebuilding your life once the treatments are over and to restore your self-esteem. 



Your skin during treatments

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Your skin during cancer treatment

Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies can weaken your skin. Redness, irritation rashes, hair loss, dryness, itching... While most of this discomfort disappears on its own once the treatments are over, during your treatment, your skin will need to be pampered to prevent and combat these side effects. How do you take care of your skin every day? What routine should be adopted to alleviate the effect of treatments? Follow our advice to restore comfort and well-being. 

Your skin during treatments
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Life after cancer treatments

How do you rebuild your life after cancer? The end of treatment marks a period of transition that’s not always easy to tackle, between regular medical follow-up and the beginning of a new phase. From maintaining good hygiene practices for your skin, to the benefits of a hydrotherapy treatment to help you rebuild yourself after the end of your cancer treatment, to managing the side effects that may persist, to returning to work or your relationship, we help you manage this new life as well as possible. 

Life after treatment?
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Our commitments

For 30 years, the brand Eau Thermale Avène has been helping you to take care of your skin. Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life. This desire is particularly relevant to cancer treatment. Eau Thermale Avène is committed to oncology in terms of supporting patients and health professionals, both locally and on social media.

The brand's commitments

Our dermo-cosmetic solutions to care for your skin during cancer

Eau Thermale Avène skincare products designed to continue cancer treatment with less impact on skin comfort and quality of life
Eau Thermale Avène offers a variety of tools to inform and support you throughout your care pathway, from diagnosis to treatment... and beyond. Our mission is to give you lasting relief and restore your self-confidence. The Tolérance CONTROL range
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