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Acne is a skin condition that affects 90% of teenagers. Specifically formulated dermo-cosmetics or personalized treatments are both based on the severity of the condition and their effectiveness is visible.

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Questions / Answers
  • Acne is not caused by any specific food; of course, it is good idea to eat everything in moderation… and to choose good dietary habits, always good for your skin and for your health in general.

  • The sun can be deceptive, pretending to be on your side sometimes. When you are in the sun, pimples dry out and blackheads are hidden under your tan. However, microcysts pop out after the vacation is over. When recent acne scars are exposed to the sun, they can leave unsightly and lingering brownish spots.
    In order to avoid these issues, start by not staying in the sun too long in the beginning and use quality sunscreens.
    If you are undergoing an acne treatment, ask your dermatologist for advice before going on vacation since certain treatments do not agree with sun exposure.

  • These visible scars are marks left by acne pimples.
    As soon as your acne is over, check with your dermatologist for treatment options (peeling, laser..) in order to get rid of them.

  • Don’t get overzealous about cleansing…
    Don’t try to “strip” your skin, all you’ll do is irritate it more. Be gentle with it. Use ultra-rich cleansing bars or soap-free gel cleansers. For removing make-up, use gentle daily cleansers.

  • Yes, but not just in any old way…
    Select noncomedogenic products, it is the least you can do. If you need to cover a few small scars, Avène Dermatological Laboratories have developed a complete line of effective and safe “coverage” products.



Oily and shiny skin, a few pimples, some blackheads show up on the cheeks or the nose….
The beginning of acne which means the start of puberty; from overactive oil glands that produce too much sebum to an increase in sex hormones during this important time in life.
It is a widespread disorder since acne affects 83% of girls and 95% of boys…since its progress is unpredictable, from almost spontaneous healing to lingering, its treatment should be taken seriously and be specific..



  • Hyperseborrhea: The first stage in all types of acne. Too much sebum production: The skin is shiny and small pimples appear.

  • Retentional acne: The sebum build up in the follicle leads to the formation of open comedones (blackheads) or closed (whiteheads).

  • Inflammatory acne: Bacteria proliferation (Propionibacterium acnes) as the hair follicle breaks inside the dermis; red pimples (papules) followed by pustules (filled with pus) appear.

  • Nodulocystic acne: Swelling and inflammation of the sebaceous glands lead to the formation of oozing nodules.



Medications: Specific treatment for each stage of acne
  • - Light acne: Topical comedolytic treatment (help loosen blackheads) or topical antibiotics to fight inflammation.
  • - Moderate acne : When topical treatments are not enough, an oral antibiotic treatment must be added. Be very careful about sun exposure (sensitization risk): You must “photoprotect” your skin. Ask your physician for advice.
  • - Severe acne : The use of Isotretinoin is usually necessary. It is prescribed by your physician since it involves severe caution, particularly in relation to contraception. Usually, results are spectacular.

Dermo-cosmetic products :

Your dermatologist or pharmacist can recommend cleansing and moisturizing products formulated for your skin type and disorder.
A few product guidelines:

  • - Gentle products to protect your skin
  • - Moisturizing or emollient products to address skin dryness issues resulting from certain treatments
  • - “Non-comedogenic” products to help prevent the appearance of new blackheads

... and generally, products specifically formulated for acne-prone skin.

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