Preserving Avène’s environment

Preserving Avène’s environment


Avène Thermal Spring Water emerges naturally from its source, with a constant composition, temperature and flow. At the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Natural Regional Park, this precious resource is constantly monitored and its environment is protected.

This constant attention guarantees the purity and beneficial properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

The Water Research Centre and Avène Thermal Spring Water at the centre of our research
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Reducing the environmental footprint, thanks to the rational use of resources.

We pay particular attention to the environmental impact of all our activities. Our rinse-off formulas are biodegradable and our packaging is designed to preserve the environment. Finally, we control the energy efficiency of our skincare factory.

  • 11 tons of plastic saved each year.
  • 450 fewer tons of CO2.
  •  100% of power consumption comes from renewable energy sources.
  • 90% of our waste is recycled.

Sustainable management of the Avène impluvium

The Avène impluvium is the starting point for Avène Thermal Spring Water. It is by infiltrating this basin that the rainwater is enriched with mineral and biological components beneficial to the skin, before springing up where its spring emerges.

The richness of the biodiversity which surrounds the impluvium and the low human activity of the place, form a rare natural protective setting.
It is our mission to continue protecting it and to ensure that the properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water remain constant.

Discover what we’re doing to protect the Avène impluvium


Water that’s beneficial for the skin

Water that’s beneficial for the skin

Avène Thermal Spring Water is used in all of the brand's skincare products. It is the sole ingredient in the Thermal Spring Water Spray and soothes more than 300 patients at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre every day.

Discover its benefits for sensitive skin

Eco-designing products, setting up carbon and waste strategies, or projects to contribute to sustainable development issues such as the preservation of corals, we strive to take action at all levels.

SEVERINE RULLET-FURNEMONTHead of CSR and Sustainable Development for the Pierre Fabre Group

Our connection with local actors

The whole population, from the basin to Avène, is concerned with preserving this exceptional natural heritage. Together, we look at common projects and the best way to carry them out to ensure the quality, quantity and accessibility of the water. The objective is, in the long term, to engage collectively with forest owners, farmers and local residents.

We have already begun to act on our site by carrying out logging to help trees to grow. An agricultural diagnosis has also been launched to support farmers in continuously improving their practices.

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