Sun and sport

Why does sport present risks?

When you play sports outdoors, you are exposed to the phenomenon of sunlight being reflected. Surfaces such as the ground reflect some of the sun's rays. The brighter a surface is, the more light it reflects. When you're caught up in the heat of the moment, you’re also more likely to forget to apply your sun cream every 2 hours, and you may even lose the protection you already have due to sweating and movement.

Snow reflects 85% of the sun's rays, sand 17%, water 5% and grass 3%.

Water sports

Windsurfing, surfing, swimming, water-skiing, kayaking... In summer, the beach offers plenty of opportunities to let off steam, and you’re right to enjoy them! But be mindful of sand and water reflecting the sun's rays and making you (even) more vulnerable to UV rays, especially when the sun is at its peak between 11am and 4pm. 


Mountain sports

In the mountains, the risks of the sun are exacerbated by a very high level of radiation. This is due to the altitude, the presence of snow reflecting sunlight which increases the radiation received, as well as the climate and environment: the wind, cold temperatures and white clouds at altitude can make you think the sun isn't reaching you and that your skin is safe. However, the opposite is true!


Protect yourself to better enjoy yourself

In order to enjoy sports safely, it's important to protect yourself with a good sun protection product that has a high SPF and reapply it very regularly. And the usual rules of sun exposure should be followed with even more vigilance. Use sun protection suited to your sport - water resistant for aquatic sports; very high SPF for mountain sports - as well as being suited to your skin type, of course. 

Why use a “special sport” sun protection product during physical activity?

Why use a “special sport” sun protection product during physical activity?

  • The texture is specially designed to give a non-greasy finish and leave the skin feeling fresh and able to breathe.
  • The fluid formula makes it easy to apply, even to areas with hair.
  • The formula is very water resistant, and sport lovers are satisfied with its resistance to sweat (93%* of the panel surveyed consider the product to be water and sweat resistant).
  • The transportable format of Fluide Sport 50+ allows you to carry your sun protection with you at all times.

Tip: Because the formula is very water resistant, you can safely use Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray to cool down during your sport.

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