Eau thermale Avène
«On a cosmic scale, liquid water is rarer than gold.
For life, it is infinitely more valuable.»
Hubert Reeves.

A water set apart by its mineral and biological wealth

Avène Thermal Spring Water owes its skin care properties to its unique and original composition. With a low mineral content and neutral pH, it is ion balanced with bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium. It also contains a number of skin-enhancing trace elements. Avène Thermal Spring Water is, by its very nature, the water suited to all sensitive skin (even the most irritated).

What benefits for the skin?
The composition of Avène Thermal Spring Water is perfectly balanced, with an optimal “calcium/magnesium” ratio that guarantees efficacy and tolerance: skin balance is restored. Its low mineral content and the presence of silicates make Avène Thermal Spring Water exceptionally gentle.

The skin is soothed thanks to the active substances derived from this ancestral microflora. Their properties have been proven to act on the factors causing inflammation and itching.

Its mineral wealth

A unique, unchanging mineral composition

  • Low mineral levels: dry residue 266 mg/l
  • Calcium/Magnesium bicarbonate profile
  • Calcium/Magnesium ratio of 2
  • Rich in silicates: 10.6 mg/l
  • Very rich in trace elements (copper, lithium, manganese, strontium, selenium, zinc, etc.)

Its biological wealth

The researchers from Pierre Fabre Research centers have in fact isolated, identified, and characterized* a microflora in Avène Thermal Spring Water that bears biological witness to continuing long life.

  • Named "aqua. dolomiae", it develops active substances that are in part responsible for making Avène Thermal Spring Water so effective.
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Eau thermale Avène