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Anti-aging treatments

Hydrating or anti-wrinkle? Anti-wrinkle or anti-aging? Serum or targeted care? In the jungle of facial care products, especially when looking for products to prevent skin aging, it’s sometimes difficult to find your way around. So follow our guide!

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From moisturizing cream to anti-aging care

As you know, the needs of the skin vary with age. In your twenties, a good moisturizer is enough. It serves to both moisturize and nourish the skin while protecting it. But when, under the effect of skin senescence (the normal aging process of the skin) and oxidative stress (which accelerates it), the first marks of time appear, you might consider taking the next step and opting for adapted anti-ageing care.

What is skin senescence?

How to choose your anti-ageing care products?

Fine wrinkles and loss of radiance: this is how skin aging first manifests itself, most often in the thirties. To delay the appearance of wrinkles and maintain a radiant complexion, choose a cocktail of treatments with antioxidant and anti-pollution powers.

To prevent the deeper wrinkles and loss of firmness that occur in middle age, choose treatments that smooth and firm the skin by strengthening its structure deep down.

Finally, while slowing down the loss of volume and skin slackening characteristic of “ mature " skin, the anti-aging skin care products dedicated to them must offer maximum comfort.

What are the different active ingredients and formulations?

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The right anti-aging care is good. With a serum, it's even better!

To increase the effects of your anti-aging treatment tenfold, don't hesitate to start your beauty routine by applying a touch of serum! These products are full of concentrated active ingredients and act in a targeted way: they prepare your skin to receive anti-aging treatments and boost their effects! A little tip: always choose a serum from the same range as your anti-aging treatment to optimise its benefits.

Good habits to adopt


Aging care requires 24/7 care!


Day treatments

Antioxidant, smoothing, firming, revitalizing... Your day treatments have a visible effect on wrinkles, radiance and skin firmness. Your skin is plumped up, radiant and healthy, especially if you have applied a suitable serum beforehand.

Night treatments

For a complete and effective anti-ageing routine, don't neglect night care! Indeed, your skin regenerates best while you sleep. Depending on your needs, anti-aging night care can help detoxify, restructure, fill in and remodel your skin, on the whole face, neck and décolletage, or in more targeted areas.

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