The different faces of Eau thermale d’Avène...

Pure and natural, Avène Thermal Spring Water is a precious resource, respected by all and closely monitored and protected.

Deep and mysterious, Avène Thermal Spring Water reveals more about itself every day.

A water shaped by its unique mineral and biological wealth, there are undoubtedly other secrets just waiting to be discovered over time. Effective and active, Avène Thermal Spring Water is the source of a well known product range recognized worldwide.

With international Brand status, Eau Thermale Avène is present in more than 100 countries around the world and is constantly growing.

For cultural reasons, the Brand decided to establish itself initially in Japan, where water is a very symbolic link to purifying religious rituals.

The Avène Brand then grew exponentially within a very short period of time not only in southern Europe (France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal) where the Pierre Fabre Group is a historical player, but also across other continents.
Driven by innovative, ground-breaking and targeted cleansing and skin care launches both in mature and emerging countries, Eau Thermale Avène today generates 70%* of its turnover internationally.

*in 2013

This special relationship began with a meeting that took place in the early 80’s:

A meeting between Mr. Pierre Fabre and Mr. Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Shiseido founder's grandson who then became the company's CEO in 1987. At that time, Mr. Fukuhara introduced Mr. Fabre to Mr. Takushi Mizuno: A renowned, influential and award-winning Japanese designer who, after many years at Shiseido, joined Pierre Fabre Japan as artistic advisor in charge of the graphical universe of the Avène Brand.

These years of working together were described by Mr. Mizuno as follows:

“The frequent encounters with Mr. P. Fabre were characterized by a profound trust...Mr. Fabre was an exceptional and insightful person who always listened to what others had to say before making his decision. I have been doing this job for some time now and rarely had the opportunity to present my creations with such detail and intensity.”

Genesis of the Avène spiral

  1. Before creating the spiral, now the world-recognized emblematic signature of the Avène Brand, Takushi Mizuno travelled all around Japan to visit water springs as a source of inspiration:“I remember watching the water spring of the Fuji mountain or Kumamoto […], this inspired me and gave me the technical answer to help me draw this phenomenon.”
  2. While visiting Avène's Hydrotherapy Center and the exact location where the spring emerges, Mr. Mizuno was impressed by the peacefulness of his surroundings and drew the spiral in a single motion:“It represents an aerial view of the spring. The spiral is the symbol of water reaching out in all its purity and gentleness towards Humankind. It represents nature in its entirety for the whole product range.”
  3. In 2001, the spiral signature of the Brand was updated with two pink dots,one above the other. This graphic evolution that only appears on the Spray is also a creation of Takushi Mizuno.
    Apart from its pure esthetic appeal, these two dots "symbolize energy. The smaller dot represents the Spring's energy while the bigger one characterizes the energetic affect of Avène Thermal Spring Water on the skin.
    The link between the dots and the spiral "expresses a tridimentional representation of the eternity of Water that springs from deep within the earth free from the concept of time and space as well as the energy that Water brings with it from the Spring directly to the skin."
  4. In 2009, the spiral is renewed in keeping with the Brand's graphical charter. The objective was to simplify it and make it blend with an even purer and more elegant decor. The lines are fine, elegant, simple yet modern and use the same delicate pink that characterizes the Brand.
    These packs demonstrate sobriety and refined lines. We kept only essential information and text to avoid visual overload and improve legibility. Distinction and elegance are genuine values of the Eau Thermale Avène Brand.

2010: the Brand's 20th anniversary

To prolong the style of the spiral created 25 years ago and reassert the long-standing partnership between Pierre Fabre and Takushi Mizuno, 6 drawings were especially created for our Avène Spring Water Sprays. These were inspired by patients faces while at the Hydrotherapy Center. “Since most of the patients were women, children and young people…I decided to use the faces and expressions of young people. The face is a universal image. And as it had to fit on the limited available space on the Spray, I began working on the image of the face and then created the surrounding decors.” These original creations will be gradually revealed year after year.


The girl child

“This drawing represents a child full of life.” It expresses “my desire to rediscover the spirit of the tom boy , after treatment[…] This is the idea I had when I started  to create this drawing.” Takushi Mizuno. The girl child. 2013. Rotring on Kent Paper. Tokyo



“When an eczema patient has been treated, they want to communicate with others again and at the same time they enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror again […]. As the surface of the Spray is curved, the 2 faces tend to become separated and the real difficulty has been getting them as close together as possible.” Takushi Mizuno. The mirror. 2013. Rotring on Kent Paper. Tokyo



“This drawing speaks for itself […]. It shows a pretty, charming girl, surrounded by flowers” Takushi Mizuno. The flower woman. 2013. Rotring on Kent Paper. Tokyo



This drawing was used “to set it apart from drawings that had depicted young subjects up until then.” Takushi Mizuno. Refinement. 2013. Rotring on Kent Paper. Tokyo


The Dreamer

It shows the “Thermal Spring Water on the face, the richness and the movement of Water, the combination of the movement of Water and a woman's face […] It’s more like the image of the Water.” Takushi Mizuno.The dreamer. 2013. Rotring on Kent Paper. Tokyo



“I wanted to draw a young girl with an elegant look and the hairstyle that gives that idea ” Takushi Mizuno.Adolescence. 2013. Rotring on Kent Paper. Tokyo

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