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15/01/2015 - Product Focus

When your Cold Cream Lip Balm becomes… an actual swiss army knife!

Now that winter and the cold weather are here to stay for a while, get your Lip Balm with Cold Cream. It could become your best ally to repair your chapped lips, and much more!

Here are some of the many uses of the Lip Balm with Cold Cream:

In the morning before applying your lipstick: To take advantage of its long-lasting polymers that provide longer-wear and protect, if your skin is hypersensitive, from the lipstick’s pigments.

On the go: To protect your lips from the cold before each outing. It acts like a defense for your lips’ sensitive skin! However, be careful not to let your tube get covered with dirt in the bottom of your purse.

Just before going to bed: To let the Lip Balm work overnight so that those small lips cells can intensely recover.

Its hidden talents...

Around the nostrils: A little cold and your nostrils are in a bad condition! Not this time, if you use the Lip Balm, which has proven to be very effective to moisturize these vulnerable areas. Thanks to Avène Thermal Spring Water and Sucralfate, it soothes and repairs!

On the skin: Take the example of 15 minutes of icy wind on your cheeks while in the chairlift. No Cream with Cold Cream on hand, but your Lip Balm is in your pocket. With your fingertip, take a small quantity of balm and apply by tapping on your cheeks: This will provide a physical barrier against the external aggressions.

For more information on the Lip Balm with Cold Cream: http://goo.gl/0IL9KC

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