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Acne, you’re too old for this!

IN DEPTH: All about adult women’s acne.

You haven’t been eating too much chocolate, you’re too old for this and yet… Yes, you can develop imperfections, inflammation lesions, and scarring at any age!

Actually, close to 40% of women ages 20-40 are affected by adult acne.

It's embarrassing; even frustrating.

62% of women consider being aggressive, frustrated or embarrassed because of their pimples.

A problem that affects social relations and inspires a daily concern...

56% of women think their acne pimples affect their day-to-day lives and their relationships with their friends. For 75% of them, their skin condition inspires an anxiety or an uneasy feeling.

Different component from adolescent acne

Unlike juvenile acne, adult acne can be prone to recurring and resistant to treatment. It may occure in skin less prone to sebum production. It may leave dark spots and scars that are deep and long-lasting.

A variety of causes

Hormonal and genetic factors, diet, stress, hygiene, environmental causes… Dermatologists cannot pinpoint a single culprit, as all these factors can contribute to the appearance of acne, the persistence of spots, and the typical acne “flare-ups”.

TriAcnéal EXPERT: An anti-imperfection, anti-scarring and anti-aging, complete treatment

This new treatment meets the specific needs of adult women with acne, whether persistent or late-onset.



Discover the anti-acne routine adapted to your skin here: Cleanance line



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