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14/05/2015 - Product Focus


Summer is around the corner and many of you are dreaming of days at the beach, at the mountains or in the country. However, did you know that sunlight exposure, air conditioning and "nights of partying" contribute to speed up skin water loss? The first dehydration lines appear, the skin becomes uncomfortable and feels tight in some areas. Sometimes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

Fortunately, the Hydrance Optimale reinforced hydration program is the essential ally of sensitive skin in need of hydration. Discover the products carefully selected by our experts and surf the wave of hydration throughout the summer!

Your reinforced hydration program: 

1. The micellar lotion

Suited to every skin type, the Micellar lotion has an extra-gentle cleansing ingredient that provides quick make-up removal and cleansing effectiveness while protecting the hydrolipidic film. The soothing and hydrating effectiveness of the new Micellar lotion rests on a plant-based polymer that has the ability to create a water collecting network. This matrix captures the Avène thermal spring water, keeps it on the skin’s surface and prevents its evaporation thus creating a true hydrating veil on the skin. The epidermis is infused with water. Skin is supple, comfortable and velvety.

To complete the sensitive skin’s cleansing, mist some Avène thermal spring water.

2. The Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum

As a true moisture diffuser for sensitive skin, the texture of Hydrating serum, rich in liposomes, “fuses” with the skin to penetrate quickly and bring targeted action. Enriched with glycerine, it hydrates and soothes the skin, whose suppleness and comfort are restored.

Avène water aficionados: You should know that the Hydrating serum contains an exceptional concentration of Avène thermal spring water (77%).

To learn more about the Hydrating Serum, visit www.hydranceoptimale.ca

3. The Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream

Hydrance Optimale skin care offer effectiveness, comfort and everyday pleasure of use. By providing maximum hydration, this cult range continues to meet the challenge of satisfying the most sensitive skin, year after year.

There are three options to address three skin types:

• For normal to combination skin: Hydrating Cream, Light texture
• For dry to very dry skin: Hydrating Cream, Rich texture
• For sun protection, first photo aging prevention gesture: Hydrating Cream with SPF25

In doubt, do not hesitate to ask your Cosmetician for advice: She will recommend you the right kit for your needs!
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