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Discover the "Intense Repair Duo" kit: Cicalfate Hand Cream + Cotton gloves

No doubt that fall is upon us, and maybe you already feel the side effects of the cold on your hands? Follow our expert advice to better understand the aggravating factors and who knows, you might find the solution to overcome very dry, cracked or chapped hands...

Cold: Enemy number one

The dry cold, but also the wind, are the hands’ number one enemies in the cold season. Indeed, they turn out to be significant dryness factors. The cold alters the protective film of the hands, which results in dehydration of the skin. The hands become dry, redness may occur and sometimes, even cracks or chapping. However, despite our best efforts to cover up our hands, there are occupations where hand exposure to extreme cold is inevitable. Consider, among others, the construction industry, the TV crews and and the postman. Hence the importance to choose a cream that’s both "shielding" for prevention and "restorative" for stubborn cracks.

Frequent washing, household products: An harmful role

Also, we know the negative role for the epidermis of some household products that contain surfactants with potential irritating effect. Repetitive washes are also at the forefront of causes that can worsen the condition of the hands. Think of, for example, health care and food industry professionals, hairdressers, child care technicians - they can wash their hands sometimes 20-30 times a day! The choice of a cream that’s "shielding" and "restorative" is again perfect for those jobs where hands are on duty.

The Cicalfate hand cream repairs, protects and relieves rapidly

The Cicalfate Hand cream is unique thanks to its distinctive composition. Its power is based on the patented combination of Sucralfate, Copper sulfate and Zinc sulfate. Sucralfate helps repair the skin and Copper-Zinc complex, helps maintain the skin in a healthy environment. Finally, its high content of Avène Thermal Spring Water (64%) gives it an unrivaled soothing power. In fact, this unique composition is behind its creamy texture, which absorbs quickly and provides immediate non-greasy and silky feeling, all with a fragrance-free formula. A combo that will appeal to both men and women!

The Duo intense repair

For a limited time, you can find our kit designed for very dry, cracked and chapped hands in drugstores. The kit contains a 100 ml Cicalfate Hand cream and a pair of cotton gloves as a gift! Our advice for a complete and fast repair will be to apply thoroughly Cicalfate Hand cream and then keep the gloves all night. Finally, remember that regular use is necessary for best results!

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