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29/01/2016 - Product Focus


Ideal for winter sports and outdoor games

Did you know? Freshly-fallen snow would contain a high level of oxygen in its flakes. Loaded with negative ions, it might have a beneficial effect on general health, sleep and even skin tone![1] This should be enough to convince you to get out, breathe a little fresh air and get the most out of winter. But be careful, because winter is not only handing out gifts. Without precautions, cold and icy wind can make life difficult on sensitive skin. Exposed to the cold, the blood vessels constrict, the microcirculation decreases and, therefore, the skin surface is less of irrigated.

Stay cool… Because in order to save your skin from the harsh winter climate, Avène thought offering you winter sets especially designed to protect your face from the effects of winter and so, manage to pass this season without cracking or frostbite!


For cases of below-zero temperatures, Canadian doctors recommend the use of oil-based greasy creams, which coat the face skin with a waterproof protective film. Outside, moisturizing care rich in water may freeze on the skin and make it more sensitive.

To address that need, nothing beats the comfort of the Avène Rich Compensating Cream (also available in Extremely Rich texture). Number 1 in the Nutrition Cream category, its patented lipid trio mimics the structure of the intercellular cement. Cellular cohesion is strengthened as well, resulting in a restored effective barrier against dehydration, tingling and sensation of discomfort.


On the other hand, if "oil-rich" skin care is perfect to protect and feel comfortable everyday, "water-rich" skin care is turning out to be very soothing once back inside! When putting on your most comfortable pajamas and switching to the "cocooning" mode, remember to apply Avène Soothing Moisture Mask on the whole face.

In case of extreme dryness, we recommend coating your face with a thick layer just before going to sleep. The next morning, you can just remove the excess with a tissue to reveal a waterlogged skin!


Whether you have decided to start cross country skiing or to venture in a snowy trail with snowshoes, the Cream with Cold Cream is the perfect choice to protect your skin from the cold as well as the skin of the whole family! Apply locally on exposed areas such as the cheeks and nose, it will act as a real "coverage" to protect the skin of children and adults.


In each of these three sets are two winter essentials for free:

- The Nourishing Body Lotion with Cold Cream 100 ml: To apply as soon as you step out of the shower, on a still slightly moist skin. This allows you to trap water in the skin, for an enveloping, sweet sensation...

- The Cicalfate restorative Cream 5 ml  Perfect to help repair damaged skin of the more fragile areas of the face such as the contour of an irritated nose, corners of the mouth and chapped knuckles. A must have to slip into your winter coat as a real "S.O.S" skin care!

Hurry, Avène sets are available in drugstores for a limited time: FIND A STORE

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