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Although January 1st is officially the first day of the year, the month of September is also a time for making new resolutions. For many, getting back into one’s routine also means wanting to adopt healthy habits and take care of oneself.

However, for acne-prone skin, returning to a busier schedule can bring its share of stress. And when you also factor in the end-of-summer rebound effect, you have the ideal context for the appearance of nasty facial blemishes.

That’s why we created this little guide to help you recognize your skin type so that you will be able to choose the complete anti-acne routine that best suits your needs.  

Even better: each of the routines is now available in pharmacies as a promotional box set*! They contain products carefully selected by our experts to help you say NO to September’s acne flare-ups!

“I have oily skin, enlarged pores and a shiny forehead. My makeup doesn’t last the whole day and the roots of my hair get greasy quickly. Help!”

If this statement describes your situation, you have oily skin.

Before developing lesions or pimples, the skin is first oily. It has an oily, shiny appearance due to an excess of sebum, also known as hyperseborrhea. Therefore, it is essential to HYDRATE and MATTIFY the skin.

Cleanance MAT, the only product able to act directly on the causes of hyperseborrhea, has a preventive effect on blemishes. It is ultra-light, fluid and oil-free. Its effect lasts the whole day and is excellent as a makeup base!

The treatment routine to correct oily skin:


“Sometimes I have red pimples and sometimes blackheads. As soon as I succeed in getting rid of a blemish, another one appears. I’d really like to break out of this cycle!”

If this statement describes your situation, you have acne-prone skin.

Two types of lesions characterize this type of situation:

- Non-inflammatory: the pores of the skin get blocked and there is a build-up of sebum, which leads to the formation of open comedones (blackhead) or closed comedones (microcysts or whiteheads).

- Inflammatory: an abnormal proliferation of the bacteria P.acnes triggers several mechanisms which cause inflammation of the pilosebaceous follicles, leading to the appearance of pimples.   

To deal with this, it is important to REGULATE, HYDRATE and TREAT blackheads and pimples. Fortunately, Cleanance EXPERT is designed to act on these 3 components!

The treatment routine for pimples and blackheads:


“I have acne pimples that won’t go away and leave marks, scars. Getting acne as an adult—I thought I was past the age for this!”
If this statement describes you, you have what’s called persistent acne and residual marks.

Persistent blemishes occur on less seborrheic skin, and tend to affect the lower part of the face, mainly with inflammatory-type lesions.  Nevertheless, microcysts are frequently observed, as well as changes in skin pigmentation and scars.

Your goal is to GET RID OF blemishes (pimples and blackheads) and SMOOTH the texture of the skin to ENHANCE your complexion.

TriAcnéal EXPERT is the ideal product to use. It’s the only product that fights blemishes and marks, in addition to reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles and brightening the complexion!

The treatment routine to correct persistent acne and scarring:  

Now you’re better equipped to make the best choice of a routine for the new season! You may have a shiny “T-zone” or persistent blemishes or maybe your teen occasionally gets pimples—now you know what products to turn to get off to a good start during this busy time of the year!

And lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from a health professional, such as a cosmetician, a pharmacist or a dermatologist.

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*Our 2016 Cleanance box sets are offered for sale in pharmacies in the dermocosmetics section. Offer limited to quantities available in stores.

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