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31/08/2016 - Features


For many of us, the arrival of the Labour Day weekend is the official sign that summer is drawing to an end. For some people, it means returning to their everyday routine, while for others it means returning to school. And to the dismay of those with acne-prone skin, it means the return of blemishes!

Understanding the “rebound effect”

The chief culprit in the acne rebound effect is the sun.  During summer, the sun’s rays dry out the skin and neutralize the bacteria that cause pimples. In addition, to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation, the skin thickens and the colour caused by tanning hides skin lesions. This leads us to believe that the sun and acne are compatible, but in fact, this is a myth.

Once summer is over, the skin, less exposed to the sun’s rays, becomes less thick and regains its original texture. This is the famous “acne rebound” effect, which results in an unwelcome acne flare-up.

The reason

First, the anti-inflammatory effect related to sun exposure ceases to be a factor, contributing to the reappearance of lesions.

Secondly, the outermost layer of the epidermis thickens, which promotes pore blockage and prevents the release of sebum, causing the formation of blackheads, microcysts and inflammatory lesions.

And you can even end up with more pimples than you had to start with!

How to quickly take care of those end-of-summer acne flare-ups.

If it’s too late and pimples have already appeared, here are a few tips that will help, depending on how serious the situation is.

If you have only a few pimples to worry about, there’s no need to bring out the big guns. The most important thing to remember is to avoid touching the pimples and to cleanse your skin morning and night. And for faster healing, we suggest using a locally applied product such as Cleanance spot care. Practical, effective and discreet, this product helps eliminate localized skin blemishes with the stroke of a pencil!
For a more significant flare-up, you can opt for a complete treatment routine, which includes a cleanser and products suitable for your type of skin (morning and evening). To make an informed choice, we invite you to read our Guide to help you discover your skin type and choose the anti-acne routine that’s right for you.

Finally, the ideal situation would be to prevent (instead of curing!) by ensuring that your skin is protected from the sun’s rays starting in May. Sunscreens such as Emulsion SPF 50+, with its fluid, non-sticky texture, are a great help in limiting the comedogenic effects of the sun and an increase in scar spots. We bet that next spring you’ll think about it.


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