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What better opportunity to spend good time with your family than Christmas? We put on our most beautiful outfit, we make ourselves a sumptuous make-up and above all, we pray to look good when the gifts open on the 25th in the morning... To be sure to have a beautiful skin and live these holidays in the best way, here is your special Christmas beauty ritual!

A hydrated skin
The Christmas holidays give way to our favourite activities: playing with the children in the snow, enjoying the ski slopes or walking through this magical landscape... Everyone benefits, except your skin! Feel free to start as soon as possible a hydration routine that allows your skin to be protected.
It starts in the shower, with emollient care, no soap and no parabens. You can hydrate your body in the morning or evening: it is preferable to use a balm if you want maximum hydration!
Are you planning to spend a long day outside in the cold? Remember to apply Cold Cream, ideal for this situation. For the face, you can easily find moisturizing products from a range that match your skin type. Redness, acne or sensitivity? We have the solution! 
For the lips and hands, hydrate without moderation.
A ready for dinner skin
Christmas dinner is probably the biggest meal of the year. If your stomach is not prepared, your skin must be so! Indeed, excessive alcohol and food - not to mention lack of sleep - can harm your skin: hence the importance of adding an antioxidant care to your beauty routine morning and evening!
Once the evening is over, don't hesitate to cleanse your face with a micellar lotion to rid your skin of oxidants.
A woken skin 
On the 25th in the morning, it's always the same problem: we get up early to open presents, we regret the dinner the day before and the hour at which we went to bed. And there you go! We have to be ready for family photos from the first hour!
For radiant skin in the morning, use the gentle toner that will help you wake up and give your skin an immediate feeling of comfort. Then spray a fine mist of Thermal Water to soothe your face (advice: it can also be used as a make-up fixative!). For your eyes, nothing beats a refreshing eye contour care.
A little advice for the evening before: for maximum radiance and hydration of the face, let your Soothing Moisture Mask work linger the morning.

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