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Hydration 101


Every morning, it's always a bit of a race. Between the care routine and make-up, minutes can pass very, very quickly and you don't always have the time to take care of your skin as you would like. To ensure a simple, fast and effective skin care routine, here are 4 key steps that will help you see more clearly even with tired eyes.

STEP 1: Cleanse your skin
Any good skin care routine begins with facial cleansing. In the morning, prefer a light cleanser such as Micellar Water to start the day off right. The skin has already been cleansed the day before, all that remains is to gently remove the few sebum secretions from your skin during the night!
Nettoyer sa peau
Nettoyer sa peau

STEP 2: Awaken your skin
If it takes us a few minutes to wake up from a long restful sleep (or not), our skin also needs time to awaken. To give it a little boost, we vaporize our face with a Thermal Water spray previously placed in the refrigerator for a tonic and tightening effect. Thanks to its soothing, anti-irritant and softening properties, Thermal Water envelops our skin while providing it with the active ingredients it needs. It also completes the cleansing process by removing the last impurities from the face. Finally, after letting it sit for a few seconds, we remove the excess with the help of a tissue.
There you go!
Réveiller sa peau
Réveiller sa peau

STEP 3: Hydrate by activating tissues microcirculation
Once the skin is properly awakened and dry, it is now time to move on to moisturizing and treating targeted areas.
The right way to do it? Integrate into our routine a refreshing and moisturizing care that, thanks to its gel texture, will wake up the complexion. To increase the effectiveness of the cream, we will activate microcirculation by tapping our fingers on the entire eye contour area for a few seconds.
Goodbye puffy eyes.
Hydrater en activant la micro-circulation des tissus
Hydrater en activant la micro-circulation des tissus

STEP 4: Give yourself a few colors  
After completing the first two essential steps to give our skin the energy it needs, it's time to move on to makeup.
And to give yourself a radiant complexion, there is no need to overdo it when a good skin care routine has already been put into place.
The unbeatable trick? Apply a Tinted Mineral Fluid with a protection factor for a healthy glow and sun protection. It hydrates, protects against the harmful effects of the sun, unifies and illuminates the complexion. Just that!
A good way to reduce the time spent in the bathroom, isn't it?
Se donner quelques couleurs
Se donner quelques couleurs

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