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MORE THAN WATER. THE SOURCE OF OUR TREATMENTS. Four things you should know about Avène Thermal Spring Water

After having travelled along a long underground path for over 50 years, being enriched with minerals and trace elements in contact with the Dolomites, encountering the ancestral microflora Aquaphilus Dolomiae, the source of active substances, Avène Thermal Spring Water surfaces with a unique composition.

1. So much more than mineral water

Its perfect balance of Calcium and Magnesium, its neutral PH, its richness in Silicones and biological active substances make it water with soothing and healing properties for the most sensitive skin. It is the only one in the world with this particular composition. This is the difference between thermal spring water and mineral water.

2. A source of postbiotic active ingredients

An original and specific microflora called Aquaphilus Dolomiae, produces the rebalancing, anti-inflammatory and calming active substances in Avène Thermal Spring Water.

They have been continuously studied by our researchers for 18 years. And thanks to their biotechnological expertise, three powerful postbiotic active ingredients with targeted efficacy have been developed.

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Here we don’t want to simply take the thermal spring water and use it. We want to take care of it.

Sandrine BESSOU-TOUYAHead of the Water Research Center and Director of Applied Research for Dermo-Cosmetics R&D – Personal Care
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3. Known and recognised virtues

The results are there: quantified, explained, proven. More than 150 scientific studies attest to its effectiveness. And, each season, over 3,000 patients of all ages, with major dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or secondary effects linked to oncological treatments, come to the Avène Hydrotherapy Center.

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4. A natural jewel with high protection

Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène pay the greatest attention to the whole Avène impluvium, in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park.

It is a privilege to possess such a resource. It is, therefore, a given that we take great care of it and preserve it for future generations.

Discover the secrets of the Avène impluvium

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