Skincare for adults

Skincare for adults

Whether you are a woman or a man, whether you have blemish-prone adult skin, mature skin, wrinkled skin or simply sensitive skin, taking care of your skin is essential. Discover our skincare rituals for adult skin.

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Did you know that as you age your skin tends to become drier? It becomes thinner and less dense.

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Adult skin problems

Adult blemish-prone skin

Does your skin have a tendency to be shiny with unwanted marks (spots, blackheads or red spots)? Do you feel that your skin texture is uneven, your pores dilated? Even if your teenage years are long behind you, adult skin can still experience occasional blemishes and even be prone to acne.

To treat your adult blemish-prone skin, adopt a purifying and mattifying skincare routine, morning and night, using the Cleanance Women range.

Adult eczema

Allergic or acute in origin, eczema is characterised by persistent dryness and red patches causing severe itching (pruritus). This common skin condition appears with flare-ups known as "eczema outbreaks".

The inflammation is treated locally with antibiotic creams and corticosteroids prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist. Adult skin can also be enriched with lipids and soothed with the cleansing oil and emollient care products from the Xeracalm A.D. range

Dry skin in adults

Well-hydrated adult skin, like normal skin, is supple and elastic. The skin's hydrolipidic film contains fats (lipids) that retain the skin's moisture.

If the skin is lacking these lipids, the skin dries out and becomes dehydrated. This results in tightness, flaking, discomfort and redness and sometimes itching. This is known as dry skin or xerosis of the skin.

Dry and very dry skin can be comforted with the help of nourishing and moisturising creams and balms, and lipid-replenishing cleansers such as those in the Trixera Nutrition range. Once the skin barrier is restored, the Hydrance range helps maintain moisture.

Redness: flushing, erythrosis, couperose and rosacea

Thin, fair skin in women and men is easily affected by temporary redness, also called flushing. This can persist in the long term and become permanent. There are several levels of this chronic facial skin condition:

  • Erythrosis, recognisable by diffused and permanent redness.
  • Couperose, similar to erythrosis but with small visible dilated vessels.
  • Rosacea, where the redness is dotted with small red spots.

Cold, sun, emotions, heredity and skin ageing are all factors that can cause hyper-reactivity of the skin vessels in sensitive adult skin.

To reduce redness, the Antirougeurs skincare range offers cleansing milk, soothing creams with SPF30 and a mask for more intense anti-redness action. Coupled with a spritz of Thermal Spring Water Spray, these treatments provide optimal soothing and redness reduction.

While you wait for red spots to disappear, the Couvrance Green Corrector Stick will allow you to conceal them practically and quickly.

Mature skin: at what age do the first signs of ageing appear?

Skincare products for adults can offer anti-ageing ingredients to address the new concerns of this age group. Each stage of life can leave its mark on the skin, but also has its own range of care products to preserve the youth, beauty and comfort of adult skin:

  • The A-Oxitive range, for example, helps to delay the first signs of ageing and revive the radiance of the complexion for women who see the first fine frown lines appear, generally around the age of thirty.
  • The Physiolift range has been developed for women in their forties who need to smooth out set-in wrinkles, tighten and illuminate the skin.
  • The DermAbsolu range fills in areas lacking density and provides comfort for menopausal women.
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