Its many benefits for dry skin
Extracted from a plant with many virtues and selected for its hydrating power, we have made Milk Thistle oil the flagship active ingredient of our XERACALM NUTRITION treatments for dry skin.
First of all, it intensely and deeply nourishes. It also restores and strengthens the skin barrier, making the skin more resistant to external aggressions. Finally, Milk Thistle oil boosts the synthesis of ceramides (the lipids present in the skin) and thus helps to limit skin dryness. A remarkable triple action that makes it a great ally for dry skin, at all ages.
Patented active ingredient*


Milk Thistle oil at Avène Thermal Spring Water

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Anti-dryness nourishing active ingredient

Thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids and especially omega 6, Milk Thistle oil regenerates the skin's hydrolipidic film.
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Barrier protection active ingredient

In addition to providing intense, long-lasting nutrition, Milk Thistle oil induces the synthesis of ceramides 1 (EOS), lipids naturally present in the skin that play a role in protecting the barrier effect and maintaining hydration.
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Patented 100% plant-based oil

Extracted by first cold pressing to preserve the properties of the plant as much as possible.
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Low environmental impact

As part of our commitment to a local, circular economy, Milk Thistle is grown in France. The active ingredient used in the XERACALM NUTRITION range is derived from the principle of upcycling to limit the use of agricultural land. What's more, growing Milk Thistle requires very little water, with a single irrigation at planting, and the pressing mill is located close to the crops.


What is an upcycled asset?


The principle of upcycling

The principle of upcycling, a strong action of the circular economy, is to recover the co-products or unused materials generated during a manufacturing process to convert them into products of superior quality. The objective of this approach is to reduce the waste associated with the manufacture of a product.

The case of Milk Thistle

At Avène Thermal Spring Water, we use achenes (dried fruits from the plant) to extract ComedoclastinTM (an active ingredient of the Cleanance Comedomed range which fights against excess sebum and imperfections). It is with the co-product of this extraction that we obtain the refined Milk Thistle oil used in the XERACALM NUTRITION range. Upcycling allows us to obtain two high-quality active ingredients from the same raw vegetable material while limiting waste production as much as possible.

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Milk Thistle oil + Niacinamide = XERACALM NUTRITION

It is by looking for the best ingredients for dry skin that our teams have developed this exclusive combo to nourish and boost the skin's defences! They have thus combined Niacinamide, selected for its global and rapid action, with Milk Thistle oil for its triple action over the long term, 2 flagship active ingredients of this nourishing range.



The idea was to create an exclusive nourishing duo. Niacinamide provides rapid, global action to strengthen the barrier function and stimulate ceramide 1 synthesis, while Milk Thistle oil provides long-term anti-dryness action, protecting the barrier function and boosting the skin's natural lipid metabolism.

Xuly LABARREREActive Manager, Pierre Fabre Research and Development Centre


Let's decipher the expert lexicon

This is the main class of lipids that are naturally present in our skin. Their role is to bind skin cells together to protect all skin layers. Ceramides help the skin to better resist external aggressions and maintain a good hydration. Over the years, our body starts to produce fewer and fewer ceramides, and this is when fine lines or feelings of discomfort begin to appear.

These are two fatty acids that contribute to the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. They are known for their nourishing, restorative and protective virtues. Present in our diet, they are also found in Milk Thistle oil.

It is the shield formed by an emulsion of water and fat that covers the skin's surface and thus constitutes the lipid barrier. This barrier protects against bacteria and aggressive agents and also contributes to the suppleness of the skin.


The ingredients in our products are carefully selected for their effectiveness.



Also known as vitamin B3, it stimulates cells and prolongs their longevity to regenerate skin in the long term. Reduces wrinkles and skin pigmentation but also improves elasticity.

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Avène Thermal Spring Water

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Thanks to its unique mineral and organic signature, it has softening soothing, and restoring properties.

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