Protecting your skin from the sun

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Protecting your skin from the sun

Sun radiation has destructive effects on the skin, ranging from blotchy skin rash (sunburn) to accelerated skin aging and skin cancers. Sun exposure is the primary cause of skin cancer and the most serious consequence of radiation. However, the risks of heat stroke, sunstroke, photosensitization and sun allergies should also be taken into account. For all these reasons, it’s recommended to protect your skin from the sun with a sun protection product that filters out the UVA and UVB rays responsible for skin cancer and premature skin aging. 

Sun protection for children

Because their skin is more fragile and exposure to the sun more frequent, it is imperative to protect children from the sun with protective clothing, sunglasses and a high-protection sun cream. And it's never too early to teach them the rules of sun exposure and good habits when out in the sun: a sunburn in childhood can be the cause of skin cancer years later in adulthood.

Protecting children's skin from the sun

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It’s very fluid. After having a sun allergy on the top of my feet and hands, it helped repair my skin without any burning. This very light milk helped speed up the healing process with regular application.

Anne, 44 years

Soothing your skin after sun exposure

Skin exposed to the sun is fragile and even weakened. How to take care of your skin after being out in the sun? There are several essential steps to take which have two purposes: protecting you during sun exposure and moisturizing afterwards.

Soothing after sun exposure

Skin Protect formulation chart

For 30 years, Eau Thermale Avène laboratories have been innovating by creating increasingly effective and safe suncare products, with different levels of protection, to protect all sensitive skin types while minimizing the impact on the environment. Avène suncare products are formulated with three priorities in mind: safety, efficacy and optimal tolerance, even for the most sensitive skin.

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Protecting your skin from the sun even in winter

The sun shines all year round, even in winter. While UVB rays decrease at this time of year and become less dangerous, this is not the case for UVA rays, which are responsible for skin aging and some melanomas. Therefore, it is important to continue to protect your skin from the sun's rays and harmful effects by avoiding overexposure.

Protecting your skin in winter



For effective protection against risks from the sun, good sun protection for the face and body should:

  • Provide a minimum SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 6 
  • Provide a minimum UVA protection equivalent to 1/3 of the SPF given on the label
  • Cover the longest UVA rays: a minimum critical wavelength of 370 nm.

You can then choose your sun protection according to your phototype group, skin type and preference.

Choosing the right sun protection



Eau Thermale Avène's commitment to skin cancer prevention

One in three cancers diagnosed today is skin cancer. The link between excessive sun exposure from childhood onwards in this increase in skin cancer is not only known, it has been proven. This is why it’s so important to protect yourself from the sun.  

To educate the general public about the importance of photoprotection and the risks of sun exposure, Eau Thermale Avène Laboratories is committed to preventing cancer in partnership with organisations such as the Skin Cancer Foundation and Euromelanoma.

Eau Thermale Avène's commitment to preventing cancer


Thermal Spring Water to help with sunburn 

Ouch! Haven't applied enough sun cream and your skin is turning red? Quick! Take matters into your own hands. Find some shade or put on clothing that effectively protects your skin. Then refresh your skin by applying a damp towel, taking a shower or spraying skin generously with Thermal Spring Water, especially on exposed areas.

Repeat as many times as necessary. Drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated and apply a repair cream or gel to soothe your sore skin. If blisters appear, consult your doctor to avoid the risk of infection. 

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Eau Thermale Avène skin care products designed to protect the skin from the sun and respect the oceans.


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