Eau Thermale Avène "Skin Protect" formulation chart

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Eau Thermale Avène "Skin Protect" formulation chart

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Eau Thermale Avène Commitment

For 30 years, Eau Thermale Avène experts have been innovating to offer you the best in photoprotection. Our sun care products are developed in line with pharmaceutical standards and with 3 priorities: safety, efficacy and tolerance. Each of the ingredients in our products is selected rigorously and measured precisely. Thanks to the unique art of our formulation, we create formulas that are effective and stable over time. 

At the heart of our Sun Care products are*: A patented filter system containing a minimum of 4 sun filters for very broad UVA-UVB protection. A unique Antioxidant Complex for overall cellular protection against oxidative stress. Avène Thermal Spring Water, known for its soothing and softening properties.

Very broad protection against UVA and UVB

Eau Thermale Avène sun care products are formulated to offer maximum UV protection thanks to their unique patented filtering system that combines 4 sun filters in optimised proportions to ensure optimal photostability. This formidable cocktail combats all types of UV rays, regardless of their length: UVB, the main cause of sunburn and skin ageing, and UVA.


Enhanced protection against environmental stressors

Eau Thermale Avène goes further in the sun protection by adding two complementary antioxidants to its sun filter system for dual cellular protection: Thialdine and Pre-tocopheryl (not the name of a dinosaur, no!). Thialidine acts on early oxidative stress. It immediately protects the heart of the cell and its vital source , the mitochondria. Pre-tocopheryl, a precursor of vitamin E, protects the cell membranes over the long term through sustained release. Together, these antioxidants provide overall cellular protection against free radicals: unstable single molecules with high chemical reactivity that cause skin ageing and other skin conditions.



The role of prevention is essential. That's what our partnership with the Skin Cancer Foundation is all about.

Skin cancers are on the rise, with one in three cancers today being skin cancer. That's why Eau Thermale Avène Laboratories is a dedicated partner of the European Skin Cancer Foundation, an association created in 2008 to raise public awareness of skin cancers, which is a real public health issue. The aim is to make both children and adults aware of the harmful effects of the sun and educate them in photoprotection by teaching them good habits from an early age, for life.

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Optimal tolerance

Our sun care products are systematically tested both for their photoprotective efficacy and for their high tolerance.

As such, all our sun care products are evaluated under dermatological, ophthalmological and paediatric control for children's products to guarantee optimal skin tolerance, even for the most fragile skin types.  

Effective and safe, Eau Thermale Avène Sun Care products bring the gift of innovation to make sun protection easier and more enjoyable at all times of life in the sun.

So you can continue to enjoy your life!


Choosing an Eau Thermale Avène sun care product means that you benefit from 30 years of research and innovation in photoprotection. It’s important to find the right range for your skin:

  • The orange or organic filter range for sensitive skin, children or adults
  • The mineral range for hypersensitive skin and skin which is intolerant to chemical filters and perfumes
  • The sunless range, for the whole family’s sensitive skin
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