Our commitment to preventing cancer

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Our commitment to preventing cancer

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Skin cancer: a real public health issue

Excessive sun exposure from childhood onwards is now a well known cause of the increase in the prevalence of skin cancers, whether melanoma or carcinoma. Education in photoprotection from an early age is therefore extremely important. Eau Thermale Avène Laboratories has foreseen these requirements thanks to their long-standing involvement in this field and their expertise in sun care. The Avene suncare range has been shown to provide safe protection from the sun and help prevent sun damage.


Protecting your skin from the sun

Our partnership with the Skin Cancer Foundation

The European Skin Cancer Foundation is an association created in 2008 by Professor Stockfleth which aims to train and educate dermatologists on non-melanoma skin cancers and raise awareness, inform and prevent through programmes for teachers, parents and students. Since 2013, Eau Thermale Avène has been involved in an exclusive, long-lasting partnership with the European Skin Cancer Foundation and supports its actions in the fight against skin cancer, based on two main axes:

Prevention Through educational missions in schools and day-care centres, SunPass educational tools and informative brochures warn the public about the harmful effects of the sun and good habits to adopt from an early age.

Training Through training doctors and dermatologists in skin cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment with the support of every European Eau Thermale Avène subsidiary.

Eau Thermale Avène's partnership with Euromelanoma

Eau Thermale Avène also sponsors Euromelanoma, an association which aims to promote and share information on the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Since its creation in 1999 in Belgium, Euromelanoma has grown to the point where it now operates in no less than 39 countries. This association is run by a network of European dermatologists chaired by Véronique Del Marmol. All its initiatives are aimed at 3 key audiences: the general public, the scientific community and European and national policy makers.

  • For the public, through the Euromelanoma website and an annual public awareness campaign, Euromelanoma promotes understanding of skin cancer, its prevention, early detection and treatment. This activity culminates in public screenings on an annual melanoma screening day. To date, more than 600,000 people have received free skin tests.
  • For dermatologists and the wider healthcare community, Euromelanoma regularly shares knowledge and best practice through scientific publications to improve the care of skin cancer patients.
  • For governments, Euromelanoma organises special events to ensure skin cancer treatment is fully recognised and supported in health systems and policies. 

Eau Thermale Avène participates in the design of the annual Euromelanoma campaigns and encourages subsidiaries to participate to create healthy competition between countries and share local initiatives. In Bulgaria in 2019, for example, the subsidiary ETA and Euromelanoma ran a skin cancer awareness campaign with pharmacy students on the streets of Varna. The initiative was widely reported in the local press. 


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