Summary of the issue

Your skin during a cancer


More than 380,000

new cases of cancer each year in France¹

More than 9 out of 10 patients

treated for breast cancer will experience dermatological side effects².

Yet 1 in 3 patients

does not feel sufficiently informed about the possible symptoms³.

1.AARC Foundation for Cancer Research

2. Etude “Prevalence of dermatological complaints in patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer" - Société brésilienne de dermatologie

3. National Cancer Institute

For many years, cancer treatments have become more effective, offering patients new perspectives in terms of prognosis, disease progression and quality of life. However, these therapeutic innovations are often accompanied by undesirable effects. 

Dryness, irritation, itching... Some cancer treatments are associated with a wide range of cutaneous side effects affecting the skin, hair and nails. Each effect is highly dependent on the type of therapy used. 
These side effects can be a source of discomfort and significantly alter the quality of life, both physically and psychologically. 

Are you at a loss when faced with this situation? Many easy-to-use dermo-cosmetic solutions are available today to help you manage these skin problems. 

Our commitment is to help you reduce and relieve the undesirable effects of cancer treatments, to accompany you in your reconstruction once the treatments are over and to restore your self-esteem. 


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