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The post-cancer hydrotherapy treatment: a special time to reconnect with yourself peacefully

Scars, pain, very dry skin, burns from radiotherapy, physical and mental exhaustion... cancer treatments can leave traces – visible and invisible – on the body. The hydrotherapy treatment is a way to find relief at all levels thanks to the benefits of Avène thermal spring water.

The benefits of post-cancer treatment

Staying for a few weeks in a soothing and caring environment allows patients to relax and take time for themselves after cancer treatments. This thermal break allows you to relieve the side effects of treatments, by combating skin dryness, itching or even the after-effects of scarring and radiodermatitis. The post-cancer treatment is also a place and a time to let go and restore energy. This soothing break is a moment of respite, a haven of peace, accompanied by caring professionals.

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Why a dermatological treatment?

There are many treatments for patients who have undergone cancer treatment. Among them, the Avène dermatological treatment targets the side effects on the skin. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapies can leave very painful and visible marks on the skin. Tailored and personalised thermal treatments produce a noticeable improvement in dryness, skin thickening and cracks in particular. They reduce redness, improve scarring and soothe the skin.

Hydrotherapy treatments

When you get out of this bathtub, it's incredible, you feel like you've applied a treatment. But no! It is only this Avène thermal spring water that makes the skin soft.

Isabelle, post-cancer treatment in June 2020

A prescribed course of treatment

The hydrotherapy treatment can be prescribed by your doctor, oncologist or surgeon. They will complete the Cerfa form (number 11139*02) with you to receive reimbursement from your health insurance. Most treatment programmes last for three consecutive weeks, including 18 days of treatment. Send the completed Cerfa document to your health insurer to receive an agreement to cover your treatment within four to six weeks. Please keep this document and hand it into the administrative staff at the Hydrotherapy Center on the first day of your treatment. Remember to book your stay for a treatment by contacting the Hydrotherapy Center (appointment with the spa doctor, organisation of the treatment and accommodation).
Shorter courses of treatment of one or two weeks, such as SensiCure, are not reimbursed.

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When should you take part in the Avène post-cancer treatment?

The hydrotherapy treatment is recommended after the end of cancer treatment. It is important to consult your doctor (or oncologist) to determine the best time for you. The thermal doctor can also suggest specific moisturising treatments (dermo-cosmetic treatments: body modelling massage or scalp wraps for example), as well as health education workshops such as adapted gymnastics or dietetics.

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Make the most of the support workshops! While Avène thermal spring water forms the basis for the effectiveness of the treatment, targeted support and advice can improve your quality of life. This is the case of the workshops and lectures offered by the Avène Hydrotherapy Center. The lectures on dietetics and sport will teach you the theory. The workshops will guide you step by step, in a group, towards the resumption of adapted and personalised physical activity or relaxation techniques. And why not learn how to apply make-up to your face to eliminate signs of fatigue and restore a youthful complexion or conceal a scar?

Our support workshops


Hydrotherapy treatments, the basis of the treatment programme

Avène thermal spring water boasts soothing, anti-irritant and softening properties. It forms the basis of the post-cancer treatments. At the beginning of your stay, the thermal doctor will draw up a daily treatment programme for you, lasting approximately 1.5 hours, from Monday to Saturday. Showers, hydromassage baths, sprays and compresses will soothe you and provide lasting relief for your skin. Avène thermal spring water can also be used as your drinking water to provide its benefits from within.

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Dermocosmetic treatments: a gentle complement

Although optional during the cure, specific moisturising treatments can provide you with well-being, prolonging the effects of Avène thermal spring water. All these treatments use emollients made from the same water, which nourish, soothe and soften the skin, providing moments of rest and relaxation.

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This treatment is very suitable after skin cancer. Thermal water-based treatments and dermo-moisturising treatments improve the comfort of the skin and the appearance of scars, and physiotherapy massages improve the suppleness of the skin and prevent adhesions.

To manage the “ simple ” side effects on the skin which includes slightly dry skin that lacks suppleness, SensiCure will be perfect. However, to treat the side effects on the skin of radiotherapy, inflammatory scars, scars that adhere to the skin or before breast reconstruction, a hydrotherapy treatment will provide better results.

Not at all. The treatments are recommended for all kinds of patients. The Avène Hydrotherapy Center also welcomes men, although fewer men take part in post-cancer treatment.

The Avène post-cancer hydrotherapy treatment acts very effectively on the side effects on the skin by treating the skin gently in an environment that is as caring as it is rigorous. In addition, it provides a bridge between the end of treatment and the return to normal life. A very important moment to rebuild yourself.

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