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Eau Thermale Avène is committed to you

For more than 30 years, the brand Eau Thermale Avène has been supporting you. In cancer care, we help you take care of your skin, but our mission goes far beyond that. Whether you are a patient or a health professional, we provide you with a multitude of tools to inform and support you, from diagnosis to treatment... and beyond.

Eau Thermale Avène: a commitment to oncology

Eau Thermale Avène is a brand committed to oncology. We are committed to improving the quality of life of patients. Our approach: to support you each day to make you feel better in your skin and in your life. That's why we make sure that every product we design is perfectly suited to your skin type. And we are here to advise, support and soothe you during and after treatment.

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The safety of our products is paramount

Our desire to reassure you and to alleviate the side effects of treatments is accompanied by a desire to offer you quality dermo-cosmetic care that is effective, safe and well-tolerated. This includes: 

  • A rigorous selection of raw materials; 
  • Manufacturing standards inspired by those in medicine manufacturing, which go far beyond the rules set by the health authorities for cosmetics;
  • Strict evaluations, tests and clinical studies conducted under dermatological supervision on patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Eau Thermale Avène, close to you

Being closer to you is our mission. To this end, we support local players, associations, start-ups and specialised centres that work to accompany you and offer you practical advice (supportive care, make-up, etc.), workshops (yoga, sophrology, etc.), discussion sessions, etc. Discover all our national and local partnerships here. 

Partnerships: Eau Thermale Avène is committed to oncology


A community that’s there to listen

During the ordeal of cancer, it is always beneficial to know that you are not alone. So that you can confide in us, share your experience, get help and help others, we have created the private Facebook group “ Mieux vivre le cancer ” [Living better with cancer]. A supportive community where kindness allows patients affected by the disease, and their loved ones, to put words to their doubts, questions, etc. with people who can understand them.

Facebook Group

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