Partnerships: Eau Thermale Avène is committed to oncology

As cancer patients know, some treatments have consequences on the skin. Their skin can become much more sensitive as a result of the strain on it. With its expertise in the side effects of these treatments on the skin, Eau Thermale Avène makes the patient's journey as pleasant as possible, thanks to its products. But also through its commitments.

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A long-term commitment to preventing skin cancer

Eau Thermale Avène’s commitment relating to cancer is long-standing. To improve well-being on the dermatological side, of course, but also in terms of physical and psychological factors. It has also been involved in cancer prevention for a long time.

Eau Thermale Avène has been contributing for many years to skin cancer screening actions in France and abroad. The brand is committed to the European Skin Cancer Foundation (ESCF), a foundation created in 2008. Together, they are working to raise awareness, educate and prevent skin cancers, which have become a real public health issue. 

In France, Eau Thermale Avène is the long-term partner of the Syndicat National des Dermatologues-Vénérologues [French National Syndicate of Dermatologists and Venereologists], which has been organising the Skin Cancer Prevention and Screening Day since 1998. This has evolved since 2017 to become a week of prevention and screening. More than 300,000 people have already benefited.



Eau Thermale Avène contributes to supportive care initiatives

As a specialist in dermo-cosmetics, Eau Thermale Avène supports several associations that have chosen to take care of people affected by cancer to make them smile again.

This includes the association Tout Le Monde Contre Le Cancer and its original initiative L'Échappée Rose, for example. Since 2017, the organisation has been visiting hospitals throughout France to offer a moment of gentleness, relaxation and soothing to patients and their carers. This travelling wellness institute offers them treatments, exchange and activities. Eau Thermale Avène contributes financially to this adventure, and also trains Échappée Rose’s socio-aestheticians. The treatments are carried out using Eau Thermale Avène products, offered to the beneficiaries and their relatives.

Another association supported by Eau Thermale Avène is the Belle & Bien Association, which has been organising facial care and make-up workshops for over 15 years, in the heart of health care establishments and in partner associations. This French initiative of the international Look Good Feel Better programme helps to restore confidence and self-esteem to women undergoing cancer treatment by helping them to rediscover pleasure through the use of Eau Thermale Avène products.


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Eau Thermale Avène encourages patient-centred projects

Eau Thermale Avène has also chosen to get involved in projects whose values it shares.


The Étincelle Association

Founded in Montpellier and present in Toulouse and the Ile-de-France region, the Étincelle Association has been working since 2007 for the well-being of patients, from diagnosis to post-cancer. Free of charge, the care is global and personalised. It takes into account all aspects of the ill person: physical, psychological, social and professional. Eau Thermale Avène provides the association with financial support and assistance in organising face and body treatments by offering its dermo-cosmetic products.

Institut Rafaël

Created in 2018 in Levallois-Perret, the Institut Rafaël advocates integrative medicine: it too takes into account patients in all their dimensions. In this avant-garde post-cancer centre, there is a research centre as well as a complete range of treatments, from art therapy to naturopathy, hypnosis and onco-aesthetics. In addition to its financial partnership with the institute, Eau Thermale Avène regularly organises workshops on moisturising, hygiene, corrective make-up, etc. These workshops are free of charge and are carried out with Eau Thermale Avène products.


Pharmacists are essential partners of the brand: it is in their pharmacies that you will find Eau Thermale Avène products, particularly renowned for their safety in cancer patients.

And to make life easier for patients being treated for cancer, some pharmacies or beauty stores now offer a corner specifically dedicated to oncology. Guided by the pharmacist or on their own, patients will find a response adapted to their needs, without the risk of drug interactions or adverse effects.
These corners also highlight the MÊME brand, the first start-up to have created dermo-cosmetic products specifically developed by and for women affected by cancer. Since 2017, MÊME products have been helping to combat the side effects of treatments such as scalp irritation, hand-foot syndrome or nail fragility, while remaining feminine. Developed with oncologists and dermatologists, these products are complementary to Eau Thermale Avène treatments.

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Eau Thermale Avène, always closer to you

Eau Thermale Avène is committed throughout France, within local partner associations. A daily commitment, to be as close as possible to patients.


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