A 3rd generation post-biotic active ingredient extracted from Avène thermal spring water that revolutionises the daily life of hypersensitive skin.
D-Sensinose™ marks a decisive improvement for all sensitive to hypersensitive skin in need of immediate and lasting relief.
Extracted from Avène thermal spring water, this next-generation biotechnological active ingredient is able to act directly on the sensory neurons to reduce feelings of tightness, tingling and discomfort.
Origin: biotechnological
Source: France
Patent: Patented* active ingredient
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A major innovation for sensitive skin

Avène thermal spring water has a unique biological signature: Aquaphilus dolomiae, a microflora that grows only in the depths of the Avène spring.

Using a cutting-edge biotechnological process, Avène Dermatological Laboratories have succeeded in extracting D-Sensinose™, a post-biotic active ingredient capable of acting directly on sensory neurons to calm the skin and control its hyper-reactivity. This 3rd generation biotechnological active ingredient with outstanding properties marks a major advance for all hypersensitive skin types that need to reduce their reactivity.

Twenty years of research have enabled the Avène Dermatological Laboratories teams to fully grasp the potential of an extraordinary bacterium, Aquaphilus dolomiae, and to extract a biotechnological active ingredient with decisive benefits for hypersensitive skin.

Katia Ravard-Hellfer
Katia Ravard-HellferEau Thermale Avène Innovation Project Manager.

A novel action on the sensory neuron

Why is D-Sensinose™ so innovative... and effective? Explanations.

Skin sensations originate in the sensory neurons at the periphery of the skin. The maladaptive response of hypersensitive skin (tingling, tightness, redness, discomfort) is largely due to a low tolerance threshold of these sensory neurons.

D-Sensinose™ acts directly on the transmission of the nervous message and modulates these perceptions, whatever the origin of the initial sensitivity (stress, pollution, cold, heat, etc.) and the type of skin sensation.

The skin is immediately soothed. Hypersensitivity is under control.

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Hypersensitivity under control

Hypersensitive, reactive, intolerant or allergy-prone skin...
a reality that is difficult to live with on a daily basis.

Tolérance CONTROLis the new solution for any skin type that needs immediate hydration and soothing.
These innovative skin care products have been designed to calm, moisturise and restore all hypersensitive skin, in adults and children alike.

At the heart of its effectiveness? The new ultra-calming post-biotic active ingredient D-Sensinose™, incorporated in a biomimetic "Skin affinity" formula that perfectly mimics the natural composition of the skin barrier for optimal tolerance. This optimises the effectiveness of D-Sensinose™: the right dose in the right place.

A bio-adaptable formula for immediate and lasting effectiveness(1): The skin is calmed in 30 seconds(2) and moisturized for 24 hours(3). The skin barrier is restored within 48 hours(4).

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D-Sensinose™: innovation at the heart of Tolerance CONTROL’s effectiveness

Tolérance Control Soothing skin recovery cream

Tolérance Control Soothing skin recov...

Hydrates - Calms - Strengthens the skin barrier

Tolérance Control Soothing skin recovery balm

Tolérance Control Soothing skin recov...

Hydrates - Calms - Strengthens the skin barrier

Tightness, tingling, discomfort...

Tightness, tingling, discomfort...

Your skin can no longer tolerate anything and reminds you of that on a daily basis. With Tolerance CONTROL skincare products, you can choose between two textures to soothe, moisturize and restore your hypersensitive skin.



The ingredients in our products are carefully selected for their effectiveness.


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*Patent pending

(1) Sensitive scale. Results at T0 on 25 subjects.
(2)User satisfaction, 25 subjects, 3 months, 2 applications per day.
(3) HI kinetics, 26 subjects
(4) Ex-vivo test on epidermis grown in reduced water conditions.

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