At the heart of Avène thermal spring water is a unique and multi-competent active ingredient, a source of soothing for dry and atopic-prone skin...
I-modulia® is the first multi-competent biotechnological active ingredient derived from Avène thermal spring water. It acts directly on the factors involved in atopic eczema.
An anti-irritant, this unique post-biotic active ingredient reduces itching and stimulates the skin's defenses.
Patented* active ingredient
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I-modulia®: back to the source 

Avène thermal spring water is a treasure trove... But what exactly is the secret behind its
anti-inflammatoryand calming properties?

Beyond being rich in minerals, it draws its effectiveness from its biological history.

Our researchers have identified an original microflora that lives only in the very deep and pure waters of Avène: Aquaphilus dolomiae. It is from this specific microorganism that we have succeeded in extracting I-modulia®, the first biotechnological active ingredient derived from Avène thermal spring water

The result of more than 12 years of multidisciplinary research, this multi-competent active ingredient acts directly on the itching of dry and atopic-prone skin.

After years of research, we have developed a biological active ingredient with exceptional properties. Acting directly on itching, it has the unique ability to soothe dry, very dry and atopic skin.

NATHALIE CASTEX-RIZZI, PHDPharmacology Manager, Scientific Evaluation Department

An exceptional and multi-competent active ingredient!

I-modulia® is the anti-itching active ingredient par excellence to relieve dry skin prone to atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema is a chronic inflammatory disease that alternates between flare-ups and lulls. It is a real vicious circle... It always starts with dry skin, which can lead to itching (also called pruritus) and a deficiency of the skin barrier. Your skin then “lets in” allergens and irritants. The result? Your immune system is disrupted, the skin microbiome is out of balance and inflammation sets in.

A natural active ingredient obtained from Aquaphilus dolomiae fractions, I-modulia®acts directly on cellular mediators to modulate this hyperactivity in your skin.

As an anti-irritant, it has a direct action on itching, redness and skin defenses.


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Put a STOP to itching

Dry, very dry or atopic skin is almost always synonymous with itching and great discomfort.

XeraCalm A.D. high performance skin care products have been specially developed to relieve itching, act on dryness and restore the skin barrier. Formulated with ingredients chosen for their safety, they are ideal for the skin of infants, children and adults.

By now you've understood: I-modulia®, our first postbiotic active ingredient extracted from Avène thermal spring water, is the key ingredient in these ultra-soothing skin care products!

The result? The skin is instantly, safely and lastingly relieved and protected. The whole family can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 5 days of scratch-free effectiveness (1).

Is it really that itchy? Claim your right to soothing!

Is it really that itchy? Claim your right to soothing!

Discover our ultra-innovative hygiene and moisturising products, designed for dry and atopic skin. Everything for your anti-itching routine!



The ingredients in our products are carefully selected for their effectiveness.


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First post-biotic restorative active ingredient from Avène Thermal Spring Water. It substantially accelerates the renewal of the skin.

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Avène Thermal Spring Water

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Thanks to its unique mineral and organic signature, it has softening soothing, and restoring properties.

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Patented post-biotic active ingredient* from Avène Thermal Spring Water. Instant ultra-calming effect on all skin sensations.


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*Patent pending

(1) Average time for itching to disappear. Phase IV study on 1,711 patients (France, French overseas territories, Italy For 75% of patients, use of XeraCalm A.D alone once or twice a day for 7 days in the pruritic xerosis indication.

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