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How do you combat forehead wrinkles?

No such luck: the forehead is one of the most visible areas of the face... and it is also one of the first to be affected by wrinkles. They take many forms: horizontal above the eyebrows, vertical between the eyebrows (the famous frown lines), but they can all be reduced with a few simple measures and appropriate care. We’re here to explain everything to you!

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How do forehead wrinkles form?

It’s normal to have wrinkles: over time, cell renewal slows down and the skin gradually loses its elasticity. This is how expression lines are created. Among them, forehead wrinkles, the result of hundreds of thousands of muscular contractions that end up remaining "printed". Horizontal wrinkles are the result of repeated eyebrow raising; frown lines are the result of frowning.
These forehead wrinkles set in even more easily as the skin of the face is constantly exposed: to the sun, to pollution, to smoking... So what can you do?

How to prevent skin aging?

Forehead wrinkles: mission moisturizing

Over time, it becomes more difficult for the skin to retain optimal moisture. It becomes drier and marks more easily, especially on the forehead. So, morning and evening, after careful make-up removal, we moisturize our face, neck and décolletage with an appropriate care product.

The sun is one of the main accelerators of skin aging. To prevent forehead wrinkles from forming too quickly (they can appear earlier than you think!), get into the habit of applying a high-protection sunscreen when you go out in the sun.

What are the enemies of the skin?

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Visibly smoothing and sustainably regenerating: the anti-wrinkle routine for the forehead

Horizontal wrinkles or frown lines: the same battle! For daytime, choose a treatment formulated to fill in and conceal wrinkles and furrows. As for the texture, you have a choice: cream if your skin is dry, emulsion if it is normal. At night, when the skin regenerates best, opt for an ultra-comforting balm texture: you'll wake up with a perfectly smoothed and rested face! And to reinforce the action of these treatments, do not hesitate to apply a smoothing and plumping serum just before.

Take it a step further


Small gestures can be used to act on forehead wrinkles


Tap the forehead wrinkles

Finish the application of your treatments by tapping your fingertips on your forehead wrinkles, from the inside to the outside of the face. This will enhance their firming effect.


Massage the frown lines

After applying your treatments, place the index, middle and ring fingers of each hand on each eyebrow. While furrowing them, pull them slightly outwards for a few seconds. Repeat this about ten times, ideally every day. This massage will relax the muscles between the eyebrows and help reduce frown lines.

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