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Post-cancer hydrotherapy treatment support workshops

The Avène Hydrotherapy Center helps you to approach the post-cancer treatment period with peace of mind. Post-cancer hydrotherapy allows you to take a break to rebuild your life. Thanks to its support workshops, the Avène Hydrotherapy Center offers you a comprehensive treatment. It allows for a smooth transition from the end of treatment to your new life.

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Talking together about cancer 

The period of cancer treatment is now behind you. But it has probably left its mark, both on your body and on your mind. Stress, for example. How can we recognise the signs? How can we manage it? These are some of the themes of the “ Stress and Health ” conference offered by the Avène Hydrotherapy Center and led by a psychologist. You will discover the key knowledge to understanding the effects of stress on health and achieving a more peaceful life and daily routine. 
Speaking out after cancer treatment can also do you a lot of good. Several support workshops allow for this, such as a writing workshop facilitated by a psychologist or a free discussion space, which encourage participants to share their experiences and listen to people in a similar situation. Individual appointments with a psychologist are also possible.

Rebuilding yourself after cancer

Adjust your diet

Your cancer treatment may have had, or still may have, an impact on your figure. Whether you are losing or regaining weight, you may need advice on how to adapt your diet to achieve your “ healthy weight ”.

At the heart of the Avène Hydrotherapy Center, a dietician will be able to answer all your questions and tell you what types of food to choose, or avoid, depending on your situation. In general, a healthy, varied and balanced diet is a source of well-being and can help reduce the risk of recurrence or the occurrence of a new cancer. 

Rebuilding yourself after cancer

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Engage in physical activity

Regular physical activity also improves quality of life and reduces the risk of recurrence. The Avène Hydrotherapy Center offers several options.

Adapted gym and lymphoedema workshop 

The aim is to carry out gentle movements adapted to your condition while being supported. There is a workshop specifically designed for women affected by lymphoedema (swelling of the arm) after breast cancer treatment. Facilitated by a physiotherapist, they help to improve the mobility of the body and the arm.

Sporting activities

Introduction to gentle gym, Nordic walking, Pilates, golf, etc. These physical activities are also designed to help you gradually regain your physical fitness. You can also take part in support workshops dedicated to well-being such as yoga, Qi-Gong or sophrology.


Rebuilding yourself after cancer


There are also support workshops devoted to make-up, both to hide scars and to give yourself a little boost!

Whether it's a scar from surgery or a port-a-path, you may find that treatment has left marks on your skin. The socio-aestheticians at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center will teach you how to correct any imperfections thanks to medical make-up techniques carried out using high coverage, suitable products. 

Another workshop is dedicated to learning make-up techniques that will help erase signs of fatigue and restore a healthy glow. A real rejuvenating experience to boost your self-esteem and move forward in a friendly atmosphere!

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The right steps for taking time to yourself

Because you have been through a difficult period, you must learn to take time for your well-being. And since you are only as good as your own efforts, why not learn to... self-massage? Held at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center, this relaxing self-massage workshop allows you to relax from head to toe and let go. Very gentle, the steps are easy to reproduce back home.

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