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Post-cancer hydrotherapy treatments

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapies damage the skin. Thanks to the properties of Avène thermal spring water, the hydrotherapy treatments provided during courses of treatment (massage, shower, bath, compress, spray, etc.) soothe your skin. An essential post-cancer pleasure break.

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Our tailor-made hydrotherapy treatments

Used therapeutically, Avène thermal spring water relieves itching, dry skin, redness and scarring of the epidermis, scalp and nails. A doctor from our spa prescribes your personalised treatment programme, lasting an average of one and a half hours per day, according to your needs and your history. All treatments are carried out individually in a warm and caring atmosphere. A multidisciplinary team is there for you: hydrotherapists, hydro-aestheticians, masseur-physiotherapists and also dermatologists and nurses.


Avène thermal spring water under the microscope

Avène thermal spring water is so precious – not by chance, but by age! This unique and pure water flows from the Saint-Odile spring, following a long journey through depths over 1,500 m for more than 50 years. It has been enriched with Aqua Dolomiae, an ancestral microflora extracted and then transformed into I-modulia®, an active ingredient with anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and protective properties. The Avène thermal spring water used in hydrotherapy is also rich in trace elements, low in minerals, balanced in bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium ions. Its pH is neutral. This cocktail of qualities reduces the skin's reactivity, strengthens the skin barrier and respects the physiology of sensitive skin.

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During the treatment programme, replace your usual drinking water with Avène thermal spring water. In combination with dermatological treatments, drinking the water will really complement external treatments.

Eau Thermale Avène
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Hydrotherapy treatments for the body

The hydrotherapy treatments boost and optimise the properties of Avène thermal spring water with mechanical effects. The “ basic ” treatments involve the whole body. First of all, there is the bath, the main treatment of the Avène hydrotherapy programmes. Baths are taken daily for three weeks. There are three types: simple baths, hydromassage baths (pressurised underwater water jets with a softening effect) and aerobaths (diffusion of air bubbles for a more moderate effect). Multi-jet showers, and body sprays (like a giant spray) for sensitive skin, will remove dead skin cells. These treatment techniques with thermal spring water help to soothe and calm itching.

Avène thermal spring water targets your skin lesions

The “ complementary ” treatments target specific areas of the body.


Filiform showers

performed by the thermal doctor target the lesions, deeply drain and soften the skin.

Localised sprays

soothe inflammation and itching (hands, face, scalp).


soaked in Avène thermal spring water are applied (10 to 15 minutes) to all inflammatory lesions: a mini thermal treatment that can also be carried out at home.


Experience Avène thermal spring water after breast cancer!

The properties of Avène thermal spring water have been proven in a scientific study on 70 women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. 

The effectiveness of Avène hydrotherapy treatments is very precisely evaluated. In three weeks, the battle against treatment-related dermatological side effects is won for 70 women in remission from breast cancer. In total, 100% of former patients experienced a reduction in skin dryness, a 61% reduction in pruritus and 43% in lymphoedema (swelling of a part of the body due to the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the connective tissue).

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Avène’s unique post-cancer hydrotherapy treatments

Shower helmet Avène thermal spring water is diffused by rotating jets and under a helmet to massage, soothe itching and inflammation of the scalp, during or after hair growth.

Oral-lingual mucosal treatments (mouthwash, gingival shower, oral cavity spray) to relieve burning and stinging sensations of the oral mucosa (post-cancer and/or after a tumour of the mouth).

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