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Redness, tingling, tightness, itching... Even after the end of your cancer treatment, your skin is still sensitive? It needs to be soothed and pampered. That's why the Avène team designed SensiCure. A programme of treatments open to all, to bring you the best of thermal spring water and do your skin good.

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What is the purpose of a post-cancer treatment?

Cancer treatments can weaken your skin, scalp and nails. This is why for several years, the Avène Hydrotherapy Center has extended its dermatological expertise to the side effects of treatments on the skin. Avène thermal spring water will help you feel better about your skin thanks to its soothing, anti-irritating and softening properties. The hydrotherapy treatment is then an opportunity to restore skin comfort and to make peace with yourself and your image. It is also a place to let go and share experiences with other patients. 

Protect your skin from the side effects of cancer treatments.



What is SensiCure?

SensiCure is the benefits of Avène thermal spring water in a personalised six-day treatment programme. The non-prescribed SensiCure has been specially designed by the Avène medical-thermal team for sensitive skin. Discovery stays are also available to enjoy over two or three days.

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I am so pleased with this treatment that I plan to do it again next year. In addition to the physical well-being provided, there is a feeling of calm and tranquillity generated by the organisation and professionalism of the staff.


Adapted treatments

On arrival, a dermatological consultation will allow you to personalise your “ SensiCure ”. Each day, three hydrotherapy treatments and two personalised treatments with products from the Eau Thermale Avène range await you.


Hydrotherapy treatments

  • A hydromassage bath with emollient, soothing and sedative properties;
  • A general or local spray of thermal spring water, to soften and calm irritation;
  • Application of soothing thermal compresses.

Specific treatments

  • A face and body scrub: gentle exfoliation to respect the most sensitive skin;
  • A body wrap with a moisturising and emollient cream, to make the skin soft and supple again;
  • A soothing, moisturising and decongesting mask;
  • Face, body and scalp massages. 


SensiCure also gives you free access to our workshops with our experts.

Why not take advantage of this break to rediscover the pleasure of physical activity with personalised support (physiotherapist, sports educator) or to learn how to apply make-up and highlight all the assets of your face (make-up workshop)? 

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A moment to yourself

Our SensiCure is a break where you can recharge your batteries and be pampered. A two-hour treatment by one of our hydro-beauticians, just for you and adapted to your skin type, is reserved for you. A dermo-cosmetic assessment, also personalised, will help you choose the most suitable products to use once you return home.

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