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Adopting gentle hygiene during cancer treatment

Cancer treatment is becoming more and more effective. But it can also make your skin much more sensitive. To preserve your skin and not to accentuate the side effects of the treatments, adopt a gentle and adapted hygiene every day.

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Take care of your face and body

Taking care of your skin in advance will delay the onset and intensity of treatment-related side effects. Starting with skin dryness. Softness! That's what your skin needs. For your daily cleansing, forget about soaps that are too often irritating. Whether for your body or your face, prefer gels, cleansing oils or dermatological bars (without soap). Their virtues are multiple: they will respect the Ph of your skin and their strong power surgraissant will limit the cutaneous dryness. For the face, finish by spraying a fine mist of thermal spring water to soothe your skin, then gently pat dry.

During treatments, how do I take care of my hair?

Depending on the nature of your treatment, your hair may start to fall out. You will need to take care of it during and after your chemotherapy. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and use a small amount of shampoo, choosing a product with a neutral pH and high tolerance. Rinse gently (avoiding rubbing). Then dry your hair by gently dabbing it with a soft towel. Avoid movements that could damage your already weakened hair. Finally, once a week, moisturize your hair with an appropriate mask or conditioner.

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Since my skin is more sensitive, I have definitely stopped using a washcloth, I always wash with my hands and moisturize after the shower.


Take your hygiene "in hand

For your daily hygiene, forget shower flowers and washcloths. Nothing beats hands.


Fleur de douche et gant de toilette, des faux amis

Parce qu’ils apportent une mousse abondante, les fleurs de douche, les éponges ou les gants de toilette sont souvent plébiscités. Ils ne sont pourtant pas les alliés de notre peau. Bien souvent irritants, ils sont en plus de véritables nids à microbes.

Préférez vos mains 

Sous la douche, lavez-vous avec vos mains, plus douces et plus propres. C’est en effet la manière la plus simple, la plus économique et surtout la plus saine de nettoyer votre corps. 


A few rules are necessary... even in the shower!

When you wash, the temperature of the water is important. It should be between 32°C and 34°C. Water that is too hot increases skin dryness and reactivates skin inflammation. Once out of the shower, do not rub yourself dry with a towel. Here again, the key word is "softness". Dry yourself gently by dabbing. This ritual is particularly important on already irritated areas.

What about deodorant?

The last thing you want to do after a shower is apply deodorant. Staying fresh all day helps you feel good! Rest assured, deodorants are not contraindicated during treatments. There is no reason to give up this habit. Just choose products for sensitive skin and avoid those containing alcohol and aluminum salts to limit irritation.

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