An ingredient with proven effectiveness on oily and acne-prone skin.
A key plant of European phytotherapy formerly known for its numerous culinary or therapeutic uses, Avène Dermatological Laboratories are the first to select Milk Thistle for its powerful and patented activities to fight excess sebum and imperfections (pimples, blackheads).
This research has led to a new active ingredient with patented properties: ComedoclastinTM.
Liquid extraction
Source: France
Patent, Active ingredient with patented* properties
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ComedoclastinTM, a new ingredient with patented properties derived from Pierre Fabre's expertise

After 8 years of research and development to extract the most active component of the plant, Avene Dermatological Laboratories have produced ComedoclastinTM from the seeds of Milk Thistle (Sylibum marianium L.). Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise has obtained the active molecules and stabilised them to obtain a unique concentrate, an oil rich in active ingredients extracted from cold-pressed seeds in our ISO9100 certified factory in Gaillac, which guarantees traceability, safety and control of the manufacturing process.

Predominantly grown in France in a short supply chain within a non-destructive industry, milk thistle extract meets the four founding pillars of the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise approach, a certified responsible development approach that consists of innovating through nature: fighting against the depletion of plant resources and contributing to their preservation, while guaranteeing the extreme quality of active plant ingredients, the security of supplies and respecting our partners.

And in a circular economy context, the residual oil of milk thistle obtained after extraction is also recovered.

Unique action on pimples. 

The formation of pimples is a multi-step process. Before the pimple is visible on the surface of the skin, the sebaceous follicle that contains it will undergo several changes; some will evolve into a stage called micro-comedones, which are the precursors of any future blemishes. The cells on the wall then multiply, contributing to the formation of a plug that will block the flow of sebum, which would have also become more compact.

By focusing on this key stage of acne, Avene Dermatological Laboratories have discovered that so as to act effectively and reduce pimples permanently, it is important to take effective action in both the visible and invisible stages. In order to prevent invisible micro-comedones from turning into visible pimples, ComedoclastinTM takes several measures at once:

  • A sebum-regulating action, where it acts on both the quantity and the quality of sebum
  • A comedolytic action where it limits the proliferation of cells that thicken the sebaceous follicle channel. 

Phew, thanks to that, the micro blackheads are healthy follicles once again. 

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ComedoclastinTM is an effective part of our Cleanance Comedomed skin care range.

We have applied the effectiveness of our star ingredient ComedoclastinTMto our entireCleanance Comedomedskin care range to treat the problem of oily or acne-prone skin: hyperseborrhea, i.e. the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands, in two ways:

  • In a hyper-concentrated form, with a 25% concentration of Cleanance Comedomed Anti-Blemish Concentrate, a treatment that reduces pimples and blackheads while limiting their recurrence to stop the vicious circle of pimples and leave your skin clear.
  • Combined with other ingredients across other products in the range such as Cleanance Gel, a mattifying gel cleanser that removes oil and impurities for perfectly cleansed and matte skin.
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ComedoclastinTM, to block the vicious circle of acne

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Cleanance Comedomed Anti-Blemish Concentrate: proven effectiveness

  • Reduction of pimples after 7 days1
  • -90% recurrence2
  • +54% confidence restored2

1Clinical study, significant reduction in pimples observed under dermatological control on 51 subjects for 7 days. Use of Cleanance Comedomed twice a day for 56 days.
2Comparative study conducted on 36 subjects under dermatological control for 56 days. One group not treated (N=18), one group treated with Cleanance Comedomed (N=18), twice a day.


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