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Dry or dehydrated skin: how do you recognize them?

Do you think that dry skin and dehydrated skin are the same thing? If both terms can appear synonym (and the signs appear identical), they cover two very distinct realities. Knowing how to distinguish them is a guarantee of adopting the right techniques and make-up products. Here are some tips on how to make them stand out.

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Does your skin constantly feel tight? Does it seem rough and sometimes scaly? It is undoubtedly dry. 

Dry skin is skin, like oily skin. As you can see, this is not a temporary state, but a constant one.

The reason? A dysfunction of sebaceous glands that cause sebum production. As such, skin will lose its oil (lipids) and will not be able to provide effective protection by itself.

Skin aging, hormonal changes or some skin conditions can be the cause of this malfunction and therefore dryness.

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Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin is not lacking in lipids but water. It is not a type but a skin condition. As opposed to drought, it is reversible and temporary. This phenomenon can affect all skin types: dry skin, etc., but oily skin too.

What is it due to? Several factors may alter the skin's barrier, which is supposed to maintain skin hydration. This thus leads to excessive evaporation of water contained in the epidermis. External factors (such as cold weather, overly harsh cosmetics, repeated use of hydroalcoholic gels, shaving, hair removal, medical treatments, etc.) as well as internal (aging, hormonal variations, etc.).

Results: your skin is dull, it lacks radiance, it feels tight locally...

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My skin is combination, it feels tight in winter. I use richer creams during this period, but my skin shines on the t-zone and is no longer comfortable.

Ask yourself the right questions

How can I tell if dry skin is dilated?


Make-up for dry skin

Does your skin feel tight and tinged with your entire face? Can this discomfort last all day? Is your skin never shiny? On the other hand, does your make-up hold up perfectly? Does your skin enjoy oily textures? Then there is every "chance" that it is dry.

Dehydrated skin 

If your skin feels tight, but only on a specific basis. If you feel this discomfort, even after applying oily skin care. If, in winter, your face shows pink, rough patches (scabs) and your complexion looks "wrinkled".. And if your make-up lasts so it doesn't dry out and it's still outside of the day… your skin is probably dehydrated.


Is your skin dry? Nourish it!

As you can see, dry skin is malnourished and needs oil. Depending on its needs, you will need to adapt your skin care products.

If you have dry skin, after cleansing your skin, look for a rich texture (rich cream or balm). Thanks to its nutrient-rich active ingredients, it will deeply nourish your skin. All this morning and night. The night's action will cumulate to that of the morning. You'll find it quickly, your skin will become less and less tight...

Our tips to nourish your skin

The right way to moisturize your skin

The right way to moisturize your skin

Dehydrated skin is thirsty skin. It needs water. To moisturize it, the error would be to use only an oily substance. Choose a soothing rehydrating treatment with thermal water and hyaluronic acid that will restore freshness to your skin. Quick tip, opt for a serum. Used before your treatment, it will boost its effectiveness, ideal in treatment with each change of season.

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