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Dry hands: what is the best way to treat it?

Cold, using hand sanitizers or overly aggressive soaps can irritate and dry hands. The results: skin that turns red, feels tight, cracked and cracked… what does it feel soft? Here is our advice.

Hands that are used every day

The skin on the hands is one of the thinnest parts of the body - but also one of the most exposed. On the cold (especially if you don't wear gloves in winter), humidity, but not just. For health, we recommend washing our hands regularly. A simple gesture that impacts hydration. Hydroalcoholic gels, if effective in eliminating viruses, also alter the natural protective film. Just like overly harsh soaps that can dry your skin, especially if it’s associated with overly hard water.

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How do I care for dry hands?

Dry hands? Can you change your washing habits & skin care habits? When it comes to hygiene, a few basic rules are in motion. They stay in 4 steps:

  • To wash your hands, use a soap-free product or a cleansing oil that suits your skin;
  • Warm water is preferable to hot water, which is too drying;
  • Avoid rubbing your hands to dry them. This could irritate them more. To wipe yourself clean, tap them;
  • Finish with a concentrated hand cream for optimal effectiveness, at least 3 times a day, and don’t forget at night for a better skin regeneration.

The hand sanitizer makes my hands so dry and I have a hand cream tube at the office, in my car, and in my purse.


A cold cream to boost nutrition

How about a little pampering and comfort for your hands? With this in mind, cold cream is your go-to. In a few days' treatment, this extremely nourishing treatment will soothe tightness.

Top tip, once you’ve finished your treatment, hold the results by applying a base layer to the cold cream hand cream at a minimum time, particularly at night for a stronger effect. And, to give up to cuticles, you know, these little unpleasant skins, massage your nails in...always using cold cream.

What are the best skincare products for very dry hands?

If your hands are very dry, a treatment is a must. Rest assured that a “happy treatment” yes, but gentle… here are two methods:

Cotton gloves

To soften your hands, start by applying (generously) a cold cream. Then slip them in cotton gloves or silk gloves, sleep with it. In the early morning, you’ll notice a clear improvement.

The “textured film” option

If you don’t want to wait until one night and want a quick result, once again apply cold cream, but wrap your hands in a stretchable film. Keep them in the heat, on a blanket, for example, for 30 min to 45 minutes, which is time for an episode of your favourite series...

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Give your hands a second skin

If your hands are very irritated, you suffer from an eczema or are exposed to various products in professional conditions, perhaps they need to be repaired. To do so, an insulating hand repair cream can be the solution. By enveloping your hands in a protective water-resistant veil, it will give them a second skin and promote the reconstruction of the skin barrier. Ideal after frequent washing, or repeated use of hydroalcoholic solutions.

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